Sunday, October 11, 2009

WSJ Sports Still Has A Ways To Go

From Saturday's edition of the Wall Street Journal Sports page:

Okay, there wasn't a Dodgers-Cardinals game Sunday, but we'll give them a pass since this probably went to press Friday night.

And it's ridiculous to think the Cardinals would have won that game anyway, but given all the biases of the national media over this series, I'm not all that surprised at lapses in logic.

But the Dodgers aren't in the American League. Come on, guys. Even a first-year analyst at Goldman Sachs earning a paltry $200K a year could have told you that.


Steve K said...

I was watching the local 11:00 news last night and they were interviewing John Lackey, "NLDS (sic) Game 1 Winning Pitcher." If our own LA stations can't get it right, what chance does an elite east coast media outlet have???