Sunday, October 04, 2009

Scenes from a Celebration: The Sequel

"I don't know; success that is delayed can be sweeter still, I think."

—Vin Scully

Manny sips...

...then pours on Matt Kemp...

...who passes it along to Frank McCourt, while Joe Torre watches.

Hong-Chih Kuo douses Chin-lung Hu.

Kemp prepares to dispense some love to the fans.

"You have to be a man to be a big league ballplayer, but you have to have a lot of little boy in you, too," Roy Campanella said. Here, Andre Ethier and Kemp chase Orlando Hudson, who was throwing balls to the crowd.

Russell Martin works the mike.

Bullpen catcher Mike Borzello does a walk-by splashing of Randy Wolf, who is almost certainly answering what it's like to clinch on Star Wars Night.

Ronald Belisario, Clayton Kershaw and Ramon Troncoso share a pitchers' moment.

Martin pulls a Kanye West on Casey Blake.

Jonathan Broxton soaks Brad Ausmus. That's not going to come out.

Roy Campanella Award recipient Juan Pierre in interview mode.

James Loney, with protective headscarf and goggles, is about to feel the wrath of George Sherrill's champagne.

Attention Ethierholics: Want to see Andre take a shower? A beer shower, that is?

Loney, Martin, Troncoso and Guillermo Mota turn lucky fans into DUI suspects.

Old pro Rafael Furcal doesn't even flinch.

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NicJ said...

I guess no rookie dress up year.

Then again there arent really very many rookies.