Saturday, October 03, 2009

Notes from the Under/Over

When I bought a slew of tickets last month using my mysterious vouchers, I thought that last night's game had an outside chance of being interesting. And thanks to the Dodgers taking the week off, it was. While enjoying a relaxing drink in the Loge Terrace, I pondered much: Would the game have the drama of getting to Shea in the 7th inning, befriending a homeless woman (who gave me a set of already used tickets), and begging the ticket-takers to let me in anyway just so I could witness the end of the Braves' stranglehold on the NL East? Could it contain the Natural-esque grandeur of Steve Finley's walk-off grand slam against the Giants? Or would I be able to witness not one but two veterans get fitted for Golden Sombreros? Apparently, Manny Ramirez forgot to set his alarm clock while his choke clock was Swiss-level precise.

The night did not lack energy nor drama. As mentioned, DeBaby DeShields knocked a beer into my lap around the fifth inning. And since the diaper bag didn't include a spare set of slacks for me, I got to enjoy the moistness of Bud Light Lime for an hour and a half.

As I tried to sleep after three plus hours of frustration, questions raced through my head... when did the Dodgers logo become part of the old school game Zaxxon? Could I always come to games 90 minutes early and just chill?

Who IS this dude?

Would my blue Miller Lite party beads stain my shirt?

Would my Tommy Lasorda non-carbonite replica go with my painting of Nosferatu? (A very clear YES!)

When did the 110/5 interchange become a set for Tron2?

And when will 1 - indeed the loneliest number - become 0? So many questions... so few answers.


Josh S. said...

"When did the 110/5 interchange become a set for Tron2?"

Very recently. And I noticed that they have a sign that says you cannot cross the lines (in or out of the lane) when they're lit, but of course, everyone does anyway.

Kyle Baker said...

Yeah people have been crossing that double yellow line illegally for years. Now they went all Tron to try to illuminate the differentiation between northbound 110 traffic and 5 traffic.

Good luck with that!

Todd said...

Thanks again for the game. We had a great time. Got some photos (including one of your beer soaked pants) I'll be sending to you a little later.