Sunday, October 04, 2009

At-Game Recap: Dodgers NL West Champs, Rockies Not

Wow, what a game. I was there last year when they were celebrating and just knew that this was going to be the night. The night started off great as Mrs. Cora and I arrived early and snagged some ideal parking. I was a walking Dodger billboard with my SoSG T-shirt, lucky Dodger jersey, Dodger jacket, and Dodger hat. I was able to walk through Autograph Alley and see some of the Star Wars characters mingling in the crowd. Right then I knew the Force was strong tonight. Al Downing was signing autographs and I had him sign one of his free cards. Also on display was Tommy Lasorda's Cooperstown plaque. Which reminds me that I really have to get out there before I die.

Walking into the stadium, I noticed fellow Dodger fans and bloggers Erin and Christine from Robots Took My Medicine, which was another great sign that things were going to go our way. The stadium was buzzing early on, even before first pitch. I was so excited that I didn't eat my Dodger Dog until the 4th inning!!!

Kershaw was amazing and started out the game by striking out the side. He really got the crowd and the Dodgers into the game. The crowd was actually STANDING for his two-strike pitches. Too bad De La Rosa was matching him inning for inning. It sucks that the only way the Dodgers could score was when De La Rosa went down with the groin strain, but I will take it. When we started to score runs in the seventh, the crowd was going crazy. I love how we kept the heat on by moving station to station like we were doing early in the year. Kuo, Sherrill, and of course Broxton were super. When the flyout was caught by Ethier to end the game, pandemonium ensued.

It was really awesome to see the crowd going crazy along with the players. Joe Torre said a couple of words before going into the clubhouse. They were showing the clubhouse celebration on Diamond Vision. And the first to come out of the clubhouse to celebrate with the fans? Matt Kemp!!! Then Andre and the rest of the team came out. Martin, Manny, Kershaw, Blake all said some words while spraying the crowd with champagne and beer.

We headed out without much problem despite the traffic - everyone drives a little nicer after a win, especially a big win like this one. It was great to be a part of the celebration and I am so glad that the Dodgers are going to play in the postseason again. Bring on the Cardinals and Let's Go Blue!!!

The Force is STRONG tonight.

Jawa's in the house.

R2-D2 (or David Eckstein) in the crowd too!

Thanks Al! Did you know he was the NL Comeback Player of the Year in 1971 and pitched the fastest Dodgers game ever played at Dodger stadium (90 minutes)?

Tommy's plaque.

No bad moon rising over the stadium tonight!


Manny trying on his shirt.

Victory is MINE!

KKKKKKKKKKershaw addressing the crowd.


Kyle Baker said...

What does the SoSG tee look like?

MR.F said...

My brother was at the game. Must have been so cool to see them clinch.

rbnlaw said...

Gentleman Al Downing has always been one of my favorites, even though he gave up 715 to Hank Aaron.
Still a class act.

Kyle Baker said...

I'd consider it a privilege to have given up that HR to Aaron, who will always be the HR king in my book.

Kyle Baker said...

I uploaded some pics and video from my trip to the game last night:

Bayareadfan said...

I was at the game, too. Never thought when I bought the tix a week prior that this would be the game, thought never even came to mind, but somehow the team willed themselves to lose just so I could be there for the clincher.

That's my story, and I'm sticking with it!

Alex Cora said...

DB Great pics!!! Love the videos too. The SOSG tee was the Free James Loney tshirt campaign that we did last year.

Steve Sax said...

...which worked, by the way. He has since been freed!

Dusty Baker, don't worry; our graphics department is working on a new logo design and t-shirt, as we speak. Stay tuned.

@AC, btw: Love the MSB reference. Man, that R2-D2 is one scrappy droid.