Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who Will Be the Next Manager Fired?

It's only May, but the Diamondbacks have already scuttled their manager and other skippers are under scrutiny. From Karl Ravech at

Who's next? Where are expectations big? Both Joe Girardi and Jerry Manuel in New York have to be concerned. The investments each team has made in stadiums and player payroll all but guarantee both will be held to a very high standard. The Mets continue to show an inability to close out games they should win. It is not a closer issue; rather, it's a "make the right play at the right time" issue. The sniping between player-manager and general manager about leadership never sits too well in the long term.

New ownership never bodes well, either, and in San Diego, Bud Black's team is in last place. Heavy odds suggest the Padres will stay there the rest of the season. They are not a good team, and it's hardly Black's fault. Still, that is the formula for a managerial change. Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro is very loyal, but you have to wonder how long Eric Wedge will last. The beginning of the season has been a disaster, and just like for the Mets and Yankees, expectations were very high.

What do you think?

Which manager will get fired next?
Joe Girardi (Yankees)
Jerry Manuel (Mets)
Bud Black (Padres)
Eric Wedge (Indians)
None of the above
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NicJ said...

So eric Milton was called up and jmac was sent down to the 66ers? WTF.

rbnlaw said...

Nice "Wedge" reference.
"Cut the chatter Red 2, aaaughhh, I'm hit. . ."

Dusto_Magnifico said...


Nostradamus said...

Is it wrong that I want the Plain Dealer headline to read "Wedge no good, pulled out," if he gets canned?

Rob said...

Bud Black and Eric Wedge look the most vulnerable to me. Both have teams that are losing and have done well in recent years and are therefore working with large expectations gaps.