Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tony Jackson Back, Son

And he's at Congrats to Mark Timmons on this impressive addition to his site. From Jackson's latest entry:

Also, we're tentatively targeting June 26 as the day I get back with the team on a daily basis, and hopefully, after that, I will remain with the team for the rest of the season. That's the first day of the last homestand before the All-Star break. I'm then going to make every attempt to make that San Diego-New York-Milwaukee trip. [...] Once I get back with the team, I'll be providing you with the same coverage — actually, a lot MORE coverage — than I was at that other blog that I used to do for that, ummm, newspaper.

Another experienced writer back with the Dodgers, especially one who travels with the team, means more Dodgers information for all of us. Welcome back, Tony!

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rbnlaw said...

Good to see him back. The Register was using him as a stringer for Dodger games, then went with that famous reporter, "Register News Services."

Julie Hibbard said...

Yeah! Tony's back! I love his style of reporting--personal insite along with a great sense of humor. He just loves this game!!!

He says he's planning to post 20-30times a day...Wow! He's gonna give you guys a run for your money!

Thanks so much for passing on the great news!

Fred's Brim said...

that's great he's back.. And I echo Julie's comments - he keeps a great balance between reporting and personal feelings/hunches. I am glad he is covering the Dodgers