Sunday, May 31, 2009

Robothal Zings Chicago

From "Crazy Cubbies still searching for that run" by Ken Rosenthal at

Here it is, my saddest, best scoop of the season: The Gatorade machine in the Cubs' dugout at Wrigley Field is about to go on waivers.

"We'll get it out of there in a couple of days," a high-ranking Cubs executive said Thursday, nodding toward the most abused piece of equipment in Chicago since the voting booth. [...]

Still, outsiders who took note of Ted Lilly's ejection, [Ryan] Dempster's eruption and [Carlos] Zambrano's all-time meltdown within a span of three days might view the Cubs as too volatile to win the highly competitive NL Central.

As one scout said, referring to the periodic outbursts of Zambrano and outfielder Milton Bradley, "When Lou [Piniella] has the third-worst temper on the team, you know you're in trouble."

(Emphasis mine.) ESPN is broadcasting the Dodgers-Cubs game this evening; let's hope the national audience sees a Cubs team that's more crazy than commanding.


NicJ said...

Stults to the dl. Schlichting called up.