Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Game 42 vs. Mets, May 20: Joe Torre Post-Game Talk

  • Mets: "This was not an easy series, obviously." "They have a lot of guys that are beat up over there."
  • Torre took Jeff Weaver out because Weaver had a blood blister he had been draining for two innings. It developed in his last outing and showed up again in the first inning tonight. They doctored and drained it but he felt that was enough after five innings.
  • Bullpen: "Troncoso did another terrific job, but I can't say enough about Leach." "I had no problem bringing him in today. We've tested him a few times and he's able to throw strikes, he's able to throw his off-speed pitches. I really wasn't concerned about bringing him in. I continue to really enjoy watching this kid grow."
  • "I give Russell a ton of credit because he spent a lot of time wearing out that path back to the mound just to remind pitchers in certain situations."
  • Lessons learned from the nine-game stretch outside the division: "They play every inning. It sounds pretty simple, but it's not easy to do. They've been patient. Even though at times we've been a little overanxious, hitting, we've been a very patient ball club, and we've played well under pressure so far. Especially these young kids who found out a lot about themselves too."
  • Mets' offense: "David Wright's swinging the bat as well as I've ever seen him swing the bat, and we pretty much stayed away from [him]. There's always been a base open somewhere. It may not have been first, but there was a base open, where we didn't have to pitch to him. And of course Beltran, he hit some balls on the nose tonight."
  • On tomorrow's off-day: "We're going to enjoy it. There's no question. You don't get very many off-days at home."
  • SoSG EXCLUSIVE! Probably will rest Rafael Furcal and Russell Martin Sunday, as usual. (Now where's my Pulitzer?)

Good night!


Eric Stephen said...

Way to coax the Furcal and Martin Sunday rest answer. :)

Orel said...

Yeah, I changed it to a SoSG EXCLUSIVE!

Chris said...

Nice work my friend!!!

Steve Sax said...

SoSG Orel: always concerned about everyone getting a good night's sleep.

Chappy said...

Even though none of the wins were spectacular (although Casey's beard power was evident) this was a great sweep of a team that usually give the Dodgers problems.

I hope they rest up over the off day and do the same with the Angels. We owe those OC boys a whuppin'.

PenosCabell said...

Beautiful work Orel.

Agreed on Leach. He saved Belisario's skin. Can we give up on Belisario yet?

Eric Karros said...

Totally awesome. Wow.

But enough about me. Excellent work maximizing your credential hookup, Orel.

Fred's Brim said...

good stuff! Joe is right - how often do teams get offdays during a homestand? Gotta take advantage of that, either by sleeping all day, or boozing until you are knee-walking drunk and praying to the porcelain gods!

rbnlaw said...

Good job Orel. Another good question would have been, "When are you sending Mota away to the 'Topes?"

Too soon to give up on Belly, but cutting Mota might inspire him to start throwing strikes and not walk 2 men in an inning.

I agree with Chappy, need to give it to the OC team from LA. It's funny, I live about a mile from that stadium, and I could swear I see games being played there every once in a while.

Julie Hibbard said...

Did you have a good time Orel? What a great game! Great series! GREAT SEASON!!
I was thinking they'd pan up on you in the press box last night, especially when they did a pre-game spot on the '88 World Series and spoke a lot about you!
I also listened the whole time hoping that Nancy B played "Master of the House" for you!
What a blast...thanks for sharing your experience with us!