Friday, May 29, 2009

What's Eating Reed Johnson?

Or should I say, What's Reed Johnson Eating? Following the lead of SoSG reader Mr LA Sports Fan, who said in yesterday's Game Thread (at 6:15p), "Is there a rat trying to enter [Reed] Johnson's chin?", we did a little bit of investigative reporting on the sentient being hanging off the bottom of Reed Johnson's chin (screenshot from mlb gameday). From far range, Johnson's picture looks like this:

But look closer, and increase the resolution ever so delicately, and you see this:

Indeed, it looks like Johnson is in the middle of his rodent-swallowing trick! Yeech. Nice eagle eye, Mr. LA SF!


Orel said...

Difficulty: No Richard Gere jokes.

rbnlaw said...

Ben, it's always been the two of usGULP.

Sorry Ben.