Monday, May 25, 2009

SoSG Sax Drinks Beer; SoSG Readers Benefit

Found inside a MGD twelve-pack:

Visit and enter the code DD3RDH7FDN, when purchasing LA Dodgers Beer Pack tickets for a 2009 regular season home game on Monday through Thursday, through 9/16/09. Good for Loge and Infield Reserve level tickets only; two Loge tickets are $60; two Infield Reserve tickets are $64.

Beer Pack inlcudes two LA Dodgers tickets, and one voucher for two hot dogs and two Miller Lite beers (soft drinks can be substituted for two Miller Lite beers). Tickets are subject to availability and are only while supplies last. Purchaser is required to print tickets and voucher prior to the game. Offers open to CA residents age 21 and over.



rbnlaw said...

Give, give give.
You are an inspiration, Saxy.

Kyle Baker said...

Your sacrifice, and that of your liver, is appreciated in the name of a much greater good.

Steve Sax said...

I'm taking one for the team, I know.