Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rookie Hazing, Crawdad Raising

Brent Leach joins Ronald Belisario in the Butterfly Brigade before last night's game.

Leach vents his crustacean frustration at Hiroki Kuroda.

Earlier: Rookie Hazing: Bullpen Edition (SoSG)

photos by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


Natalie said...

Leach has Casey's bobblehead in his backpack's pocket. I think that's freakin' adorable.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

First I can't get the puzzle, then the Lakers lose. Not my day.

Orel said...

Brian Wilson blows another save in San Diego!

NicJ said...


suck it wilson.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Well, I guess that cheers me up a little. Dodgers have a 9 game lead on the Giants (a lead greater than the Brewers' lead over last-place Houston).

NicJ said...

so i was looking at stats on the MLB website, and found a few interesting ones.

Andre Ethier is second in GIDP's with 11.

The dodgers have the lowest total ERA in the league.

Manny still leads the league in IBB's with 8. Puljos is in second with 7 and he has over 50 plate appearances more.

Also, we dont lead the league in GIDP's (even though it feels that way) Boston does with 45, 6 more than us.

Fred's Brim said...

haha good eyes, Natalie! that is awesome