Wednesday, May 27, 2009


  • Jason Schmidt's rehab has been suspended due to shoulder irritation. Schmidt's head apparently remains unirritated from his recent beaning.
  • Also from the Schmidt article: Joe Torre is playing it safe with Rafael Furcal, who's saying put me in coach, I'm ready to play. Juan Castro (5-for-9 in the current Rockies series) begs to differ.
  • Tommy Lasorda will represent the Dodgers at the First-Year Player Draft, starting June 9. We anticipate Stephen Strasburg will fall to the Dodgers, with the 36th pick.
  • Via Diamond, Eric Gagne has signed with the Quebec Capitales of the Can-Am League. Sacrebleu!
  • Also via Diamond, Jodi Mientkiewicz and Russell Martin's girlfriend, Marikym Hervieux, are interviewed about supporting the Dodgers' official charity, ThinkCure! (Confidential to Russell: Nice pull.)


PenosCabell said...

Wow, what happened to Eric Gagne?

rbnlaw said...

He hasn't been taking his "juice" for a while.
I remember when Jim Rome called him a "piece of crap," then had to apologize once he became a dominant closer. Seems like a lifetime ago.

Raintes said...

The fall of Eric Gagne continues. He'll be pitching for the Long Beach Armada next season. :p

Steve Sax said...

Orel: that wasn't so confidential.

I agree, though.

Unknown said...

Marikym is better looking there than she was on Entourage. Nice to see Russ going back to his Quebequois roots for a little trim.

rbnlaw said...

Is it too late to get a crate of balls for Schmidt. I'm saying right now, he won't win a single game in the majors for the Dodgers.
Probably not for any team.

Thanks again, Giants!

DanGarion said...

Two things.

When the heck did Eric Gagne start car racing instead of playing baseball...?

And #2 who was the other woman at the end on the left hand side? Who's wife is that, because if it's Ethier's I might have to screw with the picture and post it.

ErikaEthier16 said...

Yeah, that's Andre's wife.

Unknown said...

The way Marikym talks in these promo spots for the Dodgers, I am not high on her acting career. ;-)

To add some fuel to the fire about Andre's narcisism...isn't it interesting that Maggie Ethier kind of looks like her husband? Perhaps trying to create another Andre? :-P

I kid because I care.