Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Yips

Pitcher Mike Pelfrey might mean nothing to you - but he's got a most unusual problem that could affect anyone at anytime. THE YIPS

BOSTON -- An epic case of the yips sent Mike Pelfrey scurrying to the comfort of a sports psychologist this week.

The Mets' big right-hander admitted yesterday that the club-record-tying three balks he committed on national TV on Sunday in San Francisco were so embarrassing that he felt the need to address the problem as soon as possible.

Pelfrey, who didn't have any career balks until this season (he has four this season), said the yips were a significant problem at times during his college career at Wichita State, where he said he "smashed" the school record for balks as a freshman.

Though to this humble blogger, only one man should ever be connected with the word yip.


Chappy said...

Worst "Yips" honors should go to Chuck Knoblauch for when he forgot how to throw to 1st base...

Alex@DodgerFan said...

Take a listen to the interviewer...he introduces the hollywood star as "Bruce Wlson"