Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Z Reaches the Bradley Level

This just in: Carlos Zambrano hates Gatorade!






Zambrano had another meltdown yesterday, and it received the Milton Bradley Angry Seal of Approval:

"That was pretty impressive," Chicago's Milton Bradley said of Zambrano's animated antics. "That was on a Bradley level." [...]

Zambrano threw a wild pitch on an 0-1 count, and [the Pirates' Nyjer] Morgan scampered home.

Cubs catcher Geovany Soto flipped the ball to Zambrano, covering at the plate, but Morgan appeared to sneak his left hand in1. [Umpire Mark] Carlson called Morgan safe, but Zambrano disagreed2. The pitcher and umpire went nose to nose, and they briefly bumped. Carlson tossed Zambrano3, and Zambrano did the same4, signaling that the umpire was ejected.

Cubs manager Lou Piniella and pitching coach Larry Rothschild ran onto the field, but too late. Zambrano hurled the baseball into left-center field, and then threw his glove5 as he stalked off the field.

"I was kind of disappointed," Chicago's Reed Johnson said of Zambrano's heave to the outfield. "I thought it was going to go up into the stands, but the wind was blowing in today."

In the dugout, Zambrano vented his frustration on a Gatorade vessel6. Again.


By the way, the Cubs still won. The Dodgers are at Wrigley Field today but will miss Zambrano, after avoiding Johan Santana with the Mets last week. The Dodgers are playing well, but sometimes luck is a factor when you're 18 games over .500.


Zambrano won't appeal 6-game penalty (

photos 1-3 & 5 by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images; photo 4 by Charles Rex Arbogast/AP; photo 6 from Big League Stew


Booger said...

He gets the booger seal of approval as well, best tv i've seen in weeks!

Booger said...

almost as good as Carlos Perez, anyone have video of that?

Wesley Vento said...

Booger is from Redlands? So is HLACK.

Josh S. said...

So does this earn him an endorsement deal with Powerade?

rbnlaw said...

In other news, Lou Pinella said he will use Carlos Zambrano as his designated hitter when the Cubs play in American League parks.

Booger said...

HLACK, how long have you loved in Redlands?

I was born and raised there.

Booger said...

haha, I mean lived.

Wesley Vento said...

Me too. RHS class of '99

Booger said...

cool man, I was REV 2000.