Monday, May 18, 2009

Dodgers Past & Present Winner Lottery

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Dodgers Past & Present contest from Saturday. The answer to the trivia question about the 1920 World Series, in which the Cleveland Indians bested the Brooklyn Robins five games to two, is that there was an unassisted triple play in Game 5, pulled off by Bill Wambsganss.

For those of you who answered correctly, flexing your adept Wikipedia skills--nice work. Here's the order for the lottery among correct answerers:

0. Dan G.
1. Djansson
2. Berkowit28
3. Andrew K.
4. Erin
5. Dave B.
6. Rbnlaw
7. Michael K.
8. Natalie
9. John H.
10. Cory F.
11. Mr. LA Sports Fan
12. Andy R.
13. Karina

Many of you submitted answers without submitting your screen name / handle, so I've abbreviated the last names to the initial. If any of you are confused about whether the person listed is in fact you, please email me. If any of you are confused about what your last name's initial is, please email your mother.

Just because I'm feeling absolutely zany today, instead of using attendance as the numerator a la the orange shake contest, we're going to use the total number of pitches, in aggregate, hurled by the Dodgers pitching staff in tonight's (May 18) game against the Mets. This way, if you're three pitches away from winning with two out in the top of the ninth and the Dodgers leading, and Joe Torre calls for Guillermo Mota from the bullpen rather than let Broxton close it out, you'll start hurling stuff at your television set!

Number of pitches will be as listed on, and dividing by 14. Whoever's number above corresponds with the remainder will be declared the winner. That person just needs to email us their mailing address, and then wait patiently by their mailbox for the item to get there (SoSG is not responsible for items lost in the mail; postage and handling fees to be generously underwritten by the benevolent proprietors of this blog). All prize award decisions made by SoSG are final and are not subject to dispute.

Good luck tonight, to all of you 14 participants!