Sunday, May 31, 2009

Play of the Game

Just your typical 9-2 DP:

photos by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


Unknown said...

Great play. Anyone else see Hoffmann's ceiling as a right handed Darin Erstad?

Orel said...

Looks-wise, yes.

NicJ said...

I see his ceiling as vaulted with accoustic popcorn insulation. Oh wait that's my ceiling, nevermind.

Josh S. said...

Epic play. Something tells me the Andre Ethier of 2009 would have played that on a hop.

It definitely would have been the #1 Web Gem had it not aired after Baseball Tonight.

Steve Sax said...

This was indeed a great play, Hoffman and Martin definitely shined on national tv.

NicJ, remind me to tell you sometime how repeated games of nerfhoop took off all the popcorn above one doorway. It looked like the ceiling had gotten sheared right there.

Josh S, you're right. Too difficult for ESPN to take the highlight from their own damn Sunday Night Baseball show and feed it into their webgem highlights. Especially with Joe Morgan and Jon Miller talking over said highlight saying that it wasn't all that good anyway and the Dodgers suck and Manny Ramirez is the Antichrist.

rbnlaw said...

From what I've been reading, Hoffmann could be near the end of the Dodger prospect list. Hope there's more like him on the farm.

NicJ said...

Sax, I hear you. Mine has a bald spot from a tennis ball.

Wesley Vento said...

Hoffman flexing for all us fans on national tv, wow. With all the road games in AL parks after this homestand Hoffman should see plenty of playing time (especially if Ethier continues to suck). It was really cool to watch the rook hit his first major league HR, but the way he'll keep himself on as the 4th/5th outfielder is going to be plays like this.

And now a haiku meant to inspire us all on this, the day of Hiroki Kuroda's return:

Samurai returns
Slay your foes with wicked stuff
All cheer: GIANTS SUCK!!!

StolenMonkey86 said...

Jon SooHoo is awesome.