Friday, May 29, 2009

Dodgers, Mets Competing for Quirky Scoring Title

The Dodgers have three walk-off walks this season, on April 15, May 1 and May 23. An odd, but encouraging, trend.

However, the Mets have done the Dodgers one better: They have had four video-reviewed home runs upheld or changed in their favor (in addition to an opponent's potential home run ruled a foul):

  • April 29, Citi Field: Marlins challenge Fernando Tatis' home run, which is upheld. Mets end up losing.
  • May 23, Fenway Park: Umpires change Omir Santos' double to a home run. Mets win.
  • May 25, Citi Field: Umpires uphold Gary Sheffield's three-run home run. Mets beat the Nationals.
  • May 27, Citi Field: Umpires change Daniel Murphy's RBI-double to a two-run home run. Mets beat the Nationals again.

So is Citi Field really a pinball machine disguised as a baseball stadium? One of the stadium's features is "Pepsi Porch," a Tiger Stadium-inspired seating section overhanging right field.

Pepsi Porch at Citi Field.

The right-field overhang at Tiger Stadium.

My friend Bob, a Mets fan who recently made his first visit to Citi Field, was wondering if an "unusually extended frozen rope" home run could be hit under Pepsi Porch. Who knew the section's first role in a video review would involve its facade and not its underbelly?

The Mets have gotten the right calls and had a little luck as well. The Dodgers have had some luck of their own. Mark July 7-9 on your calendar, because that's when the Dodgers visit Citi Field. Who knows, maybe we'll see a video-reviewed walk-off home run.

Citi Field photo: Bonifacio/News; Tiger Stadium photo: John Moist/


Fred's Brim said...

and i've got tickets to all 3 games! my seats for game 1 are in that field section you see at the far right of the picture so I should have a good view of any Pepsi Porch shenanigans. It will also be Manny's first week back...

I have always had terrible luck watching the Dodgers at Shea (I was at the game in 86 where George Foster hit a grand slam off Tom Niedenfuer, who then plunked Ray Night to kick off a couple of bench clearing brawls) so I hope things will be different at City Field

Fred's Brim said...

at Tiger Stadium, was it a home run if it just hit the facade of the second deck and bounced back into play? or did it need to go into the seats?

Steve Sax said...

You know, I made it to old Tiger Stadium before they tore it down (I was there in '92--with EK as a matter of fact). I have to think even if it bounced back, it was a HR, right?

Fred's Brim said...

i made it around then as well - quite a place, wasn't it? the way it was so enclosed, it felt more like a roofless basketball arena than a baseball stadium. that was also the place where the announcers booth was nearly over home plate - i think they estimated that the announcers were closer to the plate than the guy in the on-deck circle!

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

According to the movie 61, Tigers Stadium can be digitally altered to become Yankess stadium. Just saying