Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vin Scully, on Quick Hooks

Vin Scully, from the broadcast of tonight's game:

[John] Lackey had a strained forearm, and then you may remember when he came back to pitch, he lasted two pitches. They thought he was throwing at Ian Kinsler and they kicked him out of the game.

Strike one pitch is in there.

That had to be quite a shock. I remember one night in Milwaukee, a thousand years ago. Huge crowd, I mean the place was full. Dodgers and the old Milwaukee Braves. And Johnny Logan was leading off for the Braves.

The pitch is fouled away.

Al Barlick was the plate umpire. The first pitch of the night was a strike. And the next thing you know, Barlick throws Logan out of the game. And I had no idea why, because there was no argument, no finger-pointing. One pitch and he was kicked out.

Strike two pitch, high.

After the game, I said to Barlick, "Why did you kick Logan out on one pitch?"

Barlick said, "He turned to me after I called that first pitch a strike and said, 'If you call another one like that, I'll pinch your head off.' "

And Barlick kicked him out of the game.

One ball and two strikes the count to Orlando Hudson....


rbnlaw said...

A. Great story from Vin
B. Your transcription skills are second to none, Orel.

Orel said...