Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peavy to White Sox?

Apparently it's just pending Peavy's okay:

The San Diego Padres have agreed to trade staff ace Jake Peavy to the Chicago White Sox and are waiting for Peavy to decide if he will waive his no-trade clause, sources tell ESPN.

Peavy has a full no-trade clause and can veto the deal.

ESPN's Peter Gammons reported that according to sources, the White Sox would send the Padres four players to complete the deal.

Sources told Gammons that White Sox shortstop prospect Gordon Beckham is not among the players in the deal. Beckham was the eighth overall pick in last year's amateur draft.'s Bruce Levine reported that White Sox players in the deal include left-handed pitcher Clayton Richard and left-hander Aaron Poreda, a former No. 1 draft pick.

Opines Buster Olney (insider only):

Jake Peavy met with San Diego manager Bud Black after the Padres' game Wednesday to discuss a possible deal with the White Sox, Tom Krasovic writes.

The conversations make a whole lot of sense. Kenny Williams, the general manager for the White Sox, is always aggressive, never afraid of a bold move, and it is evident from the early part of the season that Chicago needs help in its rotation.

Jose Contreras already has lost a spot in the rotation and has been sent to the minors, and Bartolo Colon represents a whole lot of risk. But of much greater concern are the early season struggles of Gavin Floyd, whose performance in 2008 was a pivotal factor in Chicago's division title. So far in 2009, Floyd is 2-4 with a 7.71 ERA, and he's allowed 60 hits and 23 walks in 44.1 innings -- frightening numbers. The White Sox currently rank 24th in starters' ERA, at 5.22, and while the American League Central doesn't seem to have a team capable of running away with a 100-victory season, the White Sox might struggle to contend with their current rotation.

Peavy, of course, has a no-trade clause and must consent to any trade, and among rival executives, there have been questions lately about whether the Padres would be able to get the kind of return they had hoped for when they first started talking about a possible deal in late September. The Padres talked extensively with the Braves this past fall, and after those discussions stalled, the Padres and Cubs moved so close to a deal that the two sides were working out the details of a possible salary deferral.

But ultimately, the Cubs' ownership situation, which remains in a state of flux, has been a roadblock to any Padres-Cubs deal.

Presumably, the Padres will want a high-end young position player to anchor the deal -- someone like young middle infielder Gordon Beckham, who nearly made the opening day roster as a rookie out of Georgia and is hitting .272 in Double-A. [...]

Given the current circumstances, it's worth reviewing the terms of Peavy's contract: He is earning $8 million this year and is guaranteed to make salaries of $15 million, $16 million and $17 million from 2010 through 2012. He has an option of $22 million for 2013, with a $4 million buyout. He has a full no-trade clause through the 2010 season and can block trades to 14 teams in 2011 and eight teams in 2012.

In order to approve the deal, Peavy might ask the White Sox or any other interested team to guarantee that $22 million option for 2013.

Looks like the Padres just threw up the white May.


Peavy invokes no-trade, rejects White Sox deal (


Josh S. said...

If he accepts (which for some reason I'm doubtful of), then huzzah for him being out of the division!

Of course, he'll probably come back to rough us up in June in Chicago.

Also, hi! Long time lurker, first time poster.

QuadSevens said...

If he accepts, I hope he pitches against the Angels on the 26th! I'm going to the Angels game that day with some friends. It will give me an extra reason to root against them.

Steve Sax said...

Welcome to the circus, Josh. We're glad to have you.

Quad, you're going past the orange curtain?

QuadSevens said...

I like to confuse Angels fans by asking them where they're team is from.

Wesley Vento said...

I really really really hope Jake takes this deal and gets the efff out of the NL West. Now all we need is for the D-Bags to keep losing and ship Haren off to the Blue Jays or something.

QuadSevens said...

Oops. That should be "their."

NicJ said...

Just heard on espn radio that he turned them down.

rbnlaw said...

Way to kill the buzz, Nic.
Is there any hope of the Dodgers landing Peavy? I'd hate to lose him, but Blake De Witt is one of those "bright young infield prospects" the Pods are looking for. If they asked, I'd even throw Ol' Mc Donald in as a sweetener.

As for the Orange Curtain, living behind it for most my life, I always been on the outside with my Dodgers' caps and shirts. Now that the Angels are struggling (hello .500 ball), I see a lot more blue than I used to.

Welcome to the bandwagon.

Chappy said...

Supposedly Peavy has said the Sox would have to guarantee his $22M option for 2013 or he won't waive the no trade clause.

He apparently wants to stay in California, I hope there's still a chance for him to get into Dodger blue, but the amount of money involved and losing prospects will probably kill anything with LA.

Steve Sax said...

rbnlaw, hey, it's not like I didn't happily jump on the Angels' bandwagon in 2002. I'm okay with the Angels, and I'm actually sad to see them struggling, especially with the Adenhart death and all.

Wesley Vento said...

I was listening to Dan Patrick this morning and he had Coletti on as a guest. Coletti said that he had talked to Towers about this deal and that they were asking for 3 players off the 25 man roster plus a minor league prospect. Sorry, but I don't care how good Peavy is, seeing three boys in Blue shipped down the 405 is too difficult to stomach. I'll settle for Peavy getting the hell out of the NL West. Judging from the absolute laugher in Chicago today (currently 20-0 in favor of the Twinkies) I doubt Peavy takes that deal. Why go from one shitty team to another?

QuadSevens said...

The Padres may not have gotten rid of Peavy just yet, but they did get another big name (sort of). They have traded Jody Gerut to the the Brewers for Tony Gwynn Jr.

rbnlaw said...

I was with the Angels through the 2002 campaign. Mainly because they were the ANAHEIM Angels. Living as close as I do, how could I not?
Besides, we sucked in 2002.

I don't like to see them this bad either, but the fans where I hang out were insufferable when the Dodgers were a mediocre team.