Friday, May 08, 2009

We Got Something to Cheer You Up!

Dear Loyal Readers,

The Sons of Steve Garvey may have had a brief yet passionate affair with Chipotle. We're fans of McDonald's, we've hit Burger King on a road trip, and we'll cop to a Wienerschnitzel dog or two. Speaking of which, we're suckers for a good Dodger Dog, maybe even followed by a victory-earned Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burger or three. You know why we like James Loney? Because he likes In-N-Out. You know why we hate Andruw Jones? Too much Taco Bell.

But trust us, gentle readers, when we tell you that Carl's Jr. is about to become your new favorite burger joint. Why?


No, it's not what happens after you hit a Syracuse player with a jug of milk. It's Carl's Jr.'s latest concoction, and it's available at a Carl’s Jr. near you. Why are we telling you this? Because one lucky reader is going to win a Carl's Jr. "Orange You A Lucky Fan" (nota bene: not our pun) gift crate featuring the following items:

  • Carl’s Jr. Orange Cream Shake coupons
  • a branded beer cozy (to keep your shake cold)
  • 4 tickets to a Dodgers game
  • a Dodgers bobblehead player
  • a Flip Video Ultra F260 Orange 60-Minute Digital Camcorder

Interested? Listen up, 'cause here's how it's gonna go down:

  • We want to reward readers who are active participants at this site, so to qualify you must fall into EITHER ONE of two categories:
    • (1) Readers who have left at least one comment here at Sons of Steve Garvey before this post.
      • In other words, first-time commenters whose comments are timestamped on or after "5/08/2009 6:00 AM" are ineligible.
    • (2) Readers in our first 41 "Followers of SoSG" (see sidebar).
  • This is a non-PCS event. PCS Rankings will be unaffected.
  • The Game Thread for Saturday's game will be posted Saturday (tomorrow) at 10 a.m. PST. (The game starts at 1 p.m. 12:30 p.m. PST.)
  • To enter the lottery, eligible readers should simply make a comment in Saturday's Game Thread. But...
    • You MUST clearly state you want to enter the lottery. We don't want some dork who dropped by to say "Hey where's Manny?" to win. And...
    • You MUST include your e-mail address in your comment or profile. And...
    • You MUST comment BEFORE the Post-Game Thread is posted at the end of the game.
      • In other words, you should have about a six-hour window (10 a.m. to game's end) on Saturday to enter the lottery.
    • Infrequent commenters should provide a link to a previous comment. (Individual comment links can be found on single-page views of our posts.)
    • Original followers should identify themselves in their comment.
    • Commenters not meeting the above conditions will be disqualified.
    • We reserve the right to disqualify unverifiable or conflicting entries.
  • Note that when or how many times you comment, or being both a commenter and a follower, will not affect your chances.
    • In other words, one ticket per person.
  • On Saturday evening, we'll post a chronologically numbered list of commenters eligible for the lottery.
  • As with previous lotteries here at SoSG, the announced attendance figure for a Dodger game will determine who wins the prize. In this case, we will use the attendance for Sunday's game, as listed on
  • Here's EK explaining how we will select the winner. This is an example only:
    0. Karina
    1. Mike Scioscia's T.I.
    2. QuadSevens
    3. Steve
    4. Neeebs
    5. Berkowit28
    6. Gil Garesh
    7. Cigarcow
    8. Jose
    9. StolenMonkey86
    10. Erin
    11. Daniel
    12. Fanerman

    [...] Simply divide the attendance figure by 13, and whatever the remainder is will indicate the winner. So if there are 40,000 in attendance, dividing by 13 would give 3,076 with a remainder of 12, so Fanerman would win. If there are 36,351 in attendance, dividing by 13 would give 2,796 with a remainder of 3, so Steve would win. And so on.

    Thanks, EK!

  • We will announce the winner after Sunday's game. The winner will have 24 hours to e-mail us, using the e-mail address in their comment or profile, with their mailing address.
  • If the winner fails to contact us within 24 hours, the next-highest numbered entrant will become the new winner.
    • If the new winner fails to contact us within 24 hours, then what the hell is wrong with you people?
  • Disclaimer:
    • The Sons of Steve Garvey are not eligible to participate in this lottery. Sorry, me!
    • Shipping of the prize will be handled by the firm of Weber Shandwick.
    • Sons of Steve Garvey and its authors assume no liability for damages associated with any prizes awarded here or contents contained therein. Prizes lost in the mail or those not delivered by sponsors are not the responsibility of Sons of Steve Garvey or its authors. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to enter, and entrants must follow state and local laws concerning sweepstakes.

Got it? Good! Regulars, ready your commenting caps, and May the Force Be with You! (Not eligible? Why not start laying the groundwork for your participation in future lotteries? Comment and follow away!)

UPDATE, 11:54 a.m.:

Eligibility rules clarified. If you've commented before today, OR if you're an original follower, you're eligible.

I know it's a lot of reading, but it's a good prize, people!


PenosCabell said...


Chappy said...

I'm lovin the Star Trek font header and use of the starfleet logo, very clever.

Jimbo said...

Damn, I am ineligible.

QuadSevens said...

Sounds like a great prize! I'll have to comment from the game on Saturday, then check the attendance while at the game on Sunday.

Eric Karros said...

Why are you ineligible, Dr. Geek? Just because you gave up the game-winning hit in SoSG Baseball doesn't make you ineligible.

Chappy said...

Sweet new avatar Quad, I almost went with that one myself...

Steve K said...

Wow guys, this is a great prize pack! I'm glad I signed up as a follower. (Sorry, Dr. Geek.)

One question... why the email address in the comments?

Jimbo said...

" Eric Karros said...
Why are you ineligible, Dr. Geek? Just because you gave up the game-winning hit in SoSG Baseball doesn't make you ineligible."


I'm inelgible because I am not a follower.

I am a leader . . . of men.

QuadSevens said...

Thanks Chappy. I was going to use a picture of myself in my Manny tshirt but I couldn't find a good one. Figured this picture would be just as good.

Fred's Brim said...

Dr Geek - I think you have to fall in one of two categories:
* (1) Readers who have left at least one comment here at Sons of Steve Garvey before this post.
* (2) Readers in our first 41 "Followers of SoSG"

I would say you qualify via #1.
I am disqualified because i can't make it through all those entry rules!

Jimbo said...

Oh! My reading comprehension skills are not up to par.

QuadSevens said...

Big prize = Big list of rules = Big headache to read

But I had my tylenol handy. =)

MR.F said...

I had no idea this "followers" thing existed. I guess I'm ineligible.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Logically, of course, I LOVE the new SOSG logo.

As for the contest. I'm not really good at contests here. But the stakes are too high here not to participate.

Only question is if you already have our email do we STILL need to provide an email in the game thread comments?????????????

Finally, Fanerman see Fred's Brim's explanation to Dr. Geek why he is still eligible even though he's not a "follower."

Dusto_Magnifico said...

how am i not eligible? how did i not follow?

Dusto_Magnifico said...

ok... i put it together...

unfiortuneately i will be out of town in a remote area of alaska... and miss the game completely!

Dusto_Magnifico said...

So, Diamond has a new blog.

QuadSevens said...

With the new logo, is this blog's new mission one of the following:

1. to explore strange new blog worlds.
2. to seek out new life and new civilizations for bloggers.
3. to boldly go where no blog has gone before.

Orel said...

Everyone who has commented in this thread so far is eligible. Except EK.

Wesley Vento said...

I'd totally be up for this contest b/c I love milkshakes (and I've been humming that stupid milkshake song from the commercial in the shower lately). I'm not going to be able to comment tomorrow because I'll be at the game and then off to the Echo Park Beer festival. I know, I lead a tortured life of baseball, sunshine, beer and hopefully buzzed women. Good luck, this sounds like a fun one.

rbnlaw said...

Well crap, I better get busy.
Next time, I'm in.

rbnlaw said...

Oh, wait. I fall into category 1.
I was in on Opening Day's (at home)comments.

Natalie said...

I love me some orange flavored milk shakiness. I'm ready for tomorrow.

Natalie said...

Has anyone ever had a pumpkin milkshake? Sooo delicious! Tastes just like pumpkin pie. My old roommate and I would always make them when the seasonal pumpkin ice cream was in the stores.

gabe said...

Side note: Loney lost Manny on his B-day, yesterday.

MR.F said...

Oh, well I probably won't be able to post in the game thread anyway, as I have worse things to do (like work). Unless I get back from my backroads adventure before 4ish, which is possible though not a sure thing.

Oh well. I guess my ineligibility is no big deal then.

Neeebs (The Original) said...


The gamethread will be posted at 10:00 am. Unless you are an early park batting practice watcher, you'll have plenty of time to post a comment on the thread and then go off to the game.


Does really anyone read the rules?????

Orel said...

Fanerman, you're eligible.

I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot of eligibility determination today.

Orel said...


MR.F said...

Oh I missed the update. My bad.

MR.F said...

Oh I missed the big "OR" sign. I'm a bit blah and distracted today.

Eric Karros said...

Yeah everyone's missing the "or".

Natalie, have you had corn ice cream? I really like corn so I thought I'd like it, but it was gross. Tasted like butter.

Natalie said...

Haven't tried corn ice cream. Don't think I'd go for it. I do love butter flavored things, though, but I guess in ice cream it would be gross.

Loney Fan said...

I'm going to be at the game tomorrow with Hong Like a Chi Kuo but I am going to find a way to post.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

BTW, a great post up at today about the whole Manny issue.

MattyA said...

Corn ice cream sounds disgusting... but I've had rice ice cream before. It was fantastic - like rice pudding but tastier. I wonder what I'll do if I win the prize pack - there are definitely no Carl's Jr.s in Michigan (or anywhere east of the Mississippi, for that matter).

QuadSevens said...

MattyA...maybe they'll take the coupons at Hardee's. It's the same company I believe.

rbnlaw said...

Just read Plaschke's column in today's Times. While he makes some good points, his bombast sweeps away any rational argument. I agree we got "duped" in some ways, but to flat out get rid of Manny? Foolish, reactionary, and, frankly, sounding a little like the girl who got stood up for the prom.

Grow up a little Bill.

patm14 said...

YES I'm follower #41! This is a college student's dream prize! Oh and Neeebs, you were right about the MSTI post. I love his blog too.

Eric Karros said...

I've also had olive oil ice cream (actually gelato), which was really good. I'd definitely try pumpkin shake, but not sure about rice ice cream (I don't really like rice pudding). There is apparently a bacon and eggs ice cream flavor also.

Orel, I think you'll be doing a lot more eligibility determination tomorrow vs today.

karina said...

Obviously, this is for U.S residents, but what if i want to join, just to try my luck and in the very unlikely scenario i win, i could give the prize to one of the SoSG readers.

Neeebs (The Original) said...


You should join in and if you win you can have a "Karina Prize Playoff" competition of your choosing. Just instruct SOSG to hold off on delivery. (If that's ok with the boys?)

BTW, Karina, my wife just ordered the Spanish Tier on Cable and we get a channel from all countries in South America, including Venezuela TV. Of course, all she really cares about is Chile TV.

rbnlaw said...

How do you find out your follower #

Natalie said...

Karina, the Manny in your new avatar was sitting in my section last night. When Ned Colletti was walking through center field at one point before the game, he acknowledged him.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

New Avatar until Manny returns.

Orel said...

"How do you find out your follower #"

No need, we have a list.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I think I qualify. I won't be on tonight's game thread until really late, but I will be on for Saturday.

rbnlaw said...

Thanks Orel. I know I'm in the 40's as I just figured out how to "follow."

karina said...

Natalie, inspired by Quadsevens and Chappy, i decided to show support for Manny. I made a quick research and saw this guy's story and it was just lovely.

Neeebs, is that channel called Telesur?

Unknown said...

orange i bummed ive been a lurker for the past year. i gotta get in on this eventually.

Orel said...

Now you're eligible for the next lottery, Jason!