Friday, September 12, 2008

Off-Day Puzzle #11: Solution

Well congratulations puzzlers, you all did quite well with the Venn Diagram puzzle, matching last puzzle's 12 correct solutions submitted. Here's the solution:

As noted, there are actually two correct solutions, each a mirror image of the other. Here are the two correct Answer Panels:

And before anybody brings it up: while the hotness of Alisha Cuthbert, Tabitha Vixx, Princess Amidala, Marge Simpson, and the Deal/No Deal caseholders is beyond question, in my book any woman who steps onto the pitching mound at Fenway dressed as Princess Leia gets major hot points as well. Plus, I challenge any of you to find a photo that better integrates the theme of Hot Chicks, Baseball, and Star Wars.

Anyhow, congratulations to Quad for solving this baby in a record 34 minutes. The other 11 correct solvers were: Steve, Neeebs, Erin, Fanerman, Sax/Karros, JBowes, Gil Gamesh, Karina, Jose, MSTI, and Daniel. Congrats to all!

Updated PCS Rankings to be posted soon. And check out the puzzle addition to the sidebar, which shows the running top 5 and the date of the next puzzle so you never have an excuse to miss one...the next one incidentally being Sept 22. Until then, keep on puzzlin'! (actually it doesn't make sense to keep puzzlin' up until the next puzzle and then stop. If anything you should do the opposite. So scratch that last sentence).


Participation Lottery Prize Update: Here's the running order for this week's puzzle lottery among all participants of the Diagram of Love puzzle:

   0. QuadSevens
   1. Steve
   2. Neeebs
   3. Erin
   4. Fanerman
   5. JBowes
   6. Gil Gamesh
   7. Karina
   8. Jose
   9. M.S.T.I.
   10. Daniel
   11. Loney Fan
   12. Berkowit28

As with the previous lottery, the winner will be determined by taking the reported attendance at tonight's game, as will be listed on, and dividing by 13. Whoever's number above corresponds with the remainder will be declared the winner. That person just needs to email us their mailing address and wait by their mailbox, and they'll soon be rewarded with the arrival of a Dodger-related prize item!


Baseball Cynic said...

It's already solved? Don't you guys have to go to work? Man!! Not fair.

Eric Karros said...

Baseball cynic - you gotta jump on 'em as soon as they're posted. Next one is Sept 22, 7am, set your alarm clock!

berkowit28 said...

OK, makes sense. I had a few that were wrong, which were the ones that felt wrong and I knew what they should be, because of one mistake at the second level: object N, that plastic Homer Simpson thing. I thought it must be a bobblehead, so I had it as Simpsons and Baseball, rather than Simpsons and Puzzles. That forced two items at the third level wrong, which I sort of knew and it was driving me nuts.

So what sort of puzzle is N? What's it do? It doesn't look much like a puzzle. You take it apart and put it back together?

QuadSevens said...

A new record! In the immortal words of Homer Simpson: Woohoo!!!

Eric Karros said...

It's a Homer Simpson Rubik's Cube, which, if I may say, is frickin' awesome.

berkowit28 said...

Ha! A genuine puzzle, not a baby thing. OK!

Gil Gamesh said...

Could you explain who/what item I is? I placed it only by process of elimination, but have no idea why it fits.

Eric Karros said...

It's a Simpsons rendition of Queen Amidala.

I spent a lot of quality time with Google Images creating this puzzle.

berkowit28 said...

If someone who has never seen Star Wars were to start now, would you advise him to begin with the original trilogy (IV, V, VI) or the later-created prequels (I, II, III)?

Orel said...

Original trilogy. No question.

Eric Karros said...

I would watch the original trilogy twice and pretend the later-created prequels never happened.

Gil Gamesh said...

I'd watch IV, V and VI. Then watch III.
I and II shouldn't have been made, and are totally unnessasry.

berkowit28 said...

Hmmm. All these admonitions about the prequels is almost enough to convince me to start with I and II. Then, instead of being let down by them like the rest of you, I can marvel at the higher quality of the original trilogy when I get there. ;-)

Baseball Cynic said...

When will be VII, VIII & IX??

karina said...

Baseball cynic, only time and greed will'd be awesome to watch Luke flirt with the dark side, see Jacen Solo becoming Darth Caedus, etc, etc...

Nevertheless, there is the Clone Wars TV series coming up in october (if you live in the United States), even in high definition, if you happen to own Cartoon Network HD. There's also the Force Unleashed video game and the upcoming Star Wars encyclopedia, to keep Star Wars fans entertained for a while.

Berkowitz, i have a friend who saw the movies in the literal order...i'd advise to watch the original trilogy first, hands down, as Eric said.

Gil, i do think the first couple of prequels are necessary to show Darth Vader's evil comes from lost loves and deep heartbreak.

karina said...

I forgot to mention there's a interesting fiction film about the whole Star Wars fandom phenomena.

It's been receiving good reviews for a while, it seems it has had some release problems, but in this week's Force-Cast, they said it was going to be theatrically released on November.It is widely awaited in the die-hard Star Wars circles.