Monday, May 11, 2009

Uncle Bill Wants You

From Bill Plaschke at the LA Times:

Certainly, there are many who share my views that Ramirez is a knucklehead who shouldn't be allowed to return without full transparency, if at all. [...]

Let Manny Ramirez know that, in the smart, sophisticated sports landscape of Los Angeles, there can be no victory without honor.


Celsius1414 said...

Let Bill Plaschke know that, in the smart, sophisticated sports section of the Los Angeles Times, there can be a newspaper without sanctimony.

Chappy said...

Well said. Emotion driven hackery meant to elevate a west coast guy further into the national scene.

I give the guy credit for pouncing on a huge story to get national notice for his career, but his words and actions made his ambitions very transparant.

Steve said...

He sounds like he is auditioning for Gladiator 2.

PenosCabell said...

Did anyone read Plaschke today?,0,533585.column

What a douche.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

If you took out all of the references to the Lakers' loss, it would become a very nice apology for his work over the years.

dodgerotaku said...

Ya Because that white knight in shining armor Kobe Bryant is the only one honorable enough to lead us to a professional championship in recent memory. Good one Bill.