Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SoSG Fantasy Football: Week 2 Update

Here's another fantasy football recap, from Mr. LA Sports Fan:

Another week is in the record books for the NFL, and another slate of matchups has come to a fold. The results, if you will:

Nic 52 (2-0) - MLASF 50 (0-2): Nic used 9 late points from Pierre Thomas to pull off a late victory, despite having Jahvid Best's 40 points on the pine; both Tom Brady and Ray Rice brought in 11 points while Donald Driver took 9. I had 19 points from DeSean Jackson, 13 from Roddy White and 8 from Visanthe Shiancoe, but the rest of my team combined for 10 points, six less than my bench combination of backs Rashad Jennings and Thomas Jones. I hate Brett Favre.

Dusty Baker 82 (2-0) - Meaniebreanie 75 (1-1): Dusty didn't replicate his Week 1 performance, but he didn't need to. 22 points from Peyton Manning, 14 from Darren McFadden, and 12 from Arian Foster propelled him to a second straight victory. MB's Cowboy-heavy lineup fell just as Dallas did, getting 17 points out of Tim Hightower and 14 apiece from Tony Romo and Miles Austin.

Prof. Dittmore 115 (1-1) - Spanky 66 (1-1): After being upset by Karina, P-Ditty came back with a vengeance. The Professor squeezed 30 points out of LeSean McCoy, with 26 points from Aaron Rodgers and 21 from Andre Johnson as support. Spanky did little in return; Dallas Clark was his only man in double-figures with 14 points.

Mr. Customer 101 (1-1) - Jason 89 (0-2): Mister Customer pulled off a late winner, using a garbage-time TD connection between Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks to defeat Jason. 17 points from Antonio Gates and 15 points from Reggie Wayne provided the frame work for the victory. Jason falls to 0-2, despite a 29 point showing from Matt Schaub and 15 points from Clinton Portis.

Paul (1-1) 99 - Karina 52 (1-1): Paul defeated everyone's favorite Venezuelan thanks to 21 points from Philip Rivers and 13 points from Calvin Johnson. Karina had 24 points from Adrian Peterson, but nobody else could pull in double-digits for her.

Two weeks have passed, and 15 still remain. But one thing is clear: Jason and I stink. Also, I hate Brett Favre. I hate this whole damn thing. Who was the genius behind this stupid fantasy league business?



Next week I face Mr. C, while the Professor takes on Nic, Jason meets Dusty, Karina duels female counterpart Meanie, and Paul goes head to head with Spanky.

Dusty Baker also chimes in with this: "Me arse is still puckered after that MNF game that almost put MB over the top." Well, Dusty, you're 2-0, so you've earned the right to enjoy a laxative, or at least a high-fiber meal. Until Sunday, that is.

Good luck in Week 3, ladies and gents!


MR.F said...

I ordered a carpal tunnel wrist brace. It should arrive tomorrow. I am excited.

MeanieBreanie said...

Congratulations to Mr. Dusty LA Stat Licker on his win.

DAMMIT - If I had gone with my other defense I would have beat your sorry arse ;-)

MeanieBreanie said...

Fantasy Football is sort of like The Assassin's Circle. Once you get a taste it fuels the desire to KILL, KILL, KILL. I just hope I'm not the one to DIE, DIE, DIE.

Nostradamus said...

I'm drawing some terrible matchups this week, but hopefully bristly old Brett Favre continues his downward spiral.

spank said...

First person recount of P.Ditty/Spanky match up:

Sunday, 10:00am-

Spank shit talks P.Ditty

Sunday, 10:05 am to Present-

Foot planted firmly in "mouth"

spank said...


Dusty Stat Licker

Fred's Brim said...

If I had been in this league, I would already be 0-5 the way my fantasy season has started

MeanieBreanie said...

You would be light years ahead of me. I was a fantasy football virgin upon entering this thing. I could feel the collective roll of the eyes through the internet when I inquired what BE and D/ST stood for.

Now that I have been "deflowered" I hope to learn a few moves and make up for lost time. Even so you are probably still light years ahead ;-)

It's truly a miracle that my record is better than that of my beloved Cowboy's. If we lose this next week I may have to pull out the old paper bag for the remainder of the season.

Steve Dittmore said...

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout Spanky.

Nic - how is it you are 2-0 scoring a pathetic 133 pts so far? Prepare to experience the wrath of the pig.

Nostradamus said...

El Profesor, livin' high on the hog.

spank said...


NicJ said...

I'll let my little fantasy men do the talking, Professor.