Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SoSG Fantasy Football: Week 1 Update

SoSG Fantasy Football broke open its season this past week, and here's SoSG regular Mr LA Sports Fan, the league commissioner, with a guest post recapping the action. As context, here are the ten participants and their team names:


  • Å’dipus Rex Grossman - Mr C
  • Game Thread WH0R3S - MLASF
  • Los Angeles Stat Lickers - Dusty Baker
  • Neeebs' Mom - Jason
  • Touchdown Syndrome - NicJ


  • M.O.C.M. Putos - Spanky
  • peanuts tinatinita - Karina
  • Sexy Camels - Paul
  • TX Init2winit - MeanieBreanie
  • Woo Pig Professors - Steve Dittmore

And away we go with the Week 1 update:

The first annual SoSG Fantasy Football tournament kicked off this week. With ten participants, the results were:

Spanky 77 - Mr. LA Sports Fan 61: Spanky put a whoopin' on me with a 21 point outburst from Chad Ochocinco. Dallas Clark added 14 points. I had nothing going; Roddy White's 11 points and Maurice Jones-Drew's 10 were my only boon.

Dusty Baker 129 - Mr. Customer 123: Mr C had the second highest score in the league. But unfortunately, that and a nickel will get him a nice hot cup of jack squat. DB raked 129 points, 41 of which came from an unbelievable performance from Arian Foster. Dusty also took in 29 points from Peyton Manning, 20 points from Darren McFadden, and 18 points from Wes Welker. Monsieur Client took in 30 points from Matt Forte and 19 from Rashard Mendenhall.

Karina 85 - Prof. Dittmore 56: In an upset, rookie Karina defeated the Professor, riding high on 14 points from Greg Jennings, 15 points from Jamaal Charles, and another 15 from Vince Young. P. Ditty, as Spanky has christened him, received 13 points from LeSean McCoy and 10 points from Jeremy Maclin.

Meaniebreanie 76 - Paul 71: In the closest matchup, Meanie scratched out a five point victory. MB's Cowboy lineup came through for her, with Tony Romo bringing in 15 points and Miles Austin taking 20. Paul didn't get much out of his players; Ronnie Brown and Philip Rivers were his only men in double-digits, with 14 points and 19 points respectively.

NicJ 81 - Jason 71: Nic pulled out a win over first-overall pick Jason. Nic used strong outings from Tom Brady (22 points) and Pierre Thomas (14 points) to overcome Jason's Chris Johnson, who brought in 26 points for Team Deltalina.

Next week's matchups pit Meanie against Dusty, MLASF against Nic, Spanky against the Professor, Mr. C against Jason, and Paul against Karina.

Also, as commissioner of the league, I have a special prize set aside for the winner of the tournament. The Sons will also be providing their own prize. Double the prizes! Top that, Smonk!


Nostradamus said...

Gods damn you, ESPN. that's an Œthel!

karina said...

after reading this, I got competitive, I want to keep winning!

Kyle Baker said...

Karina got a little taste of victory. Now she wants more!