Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SoSG Letters, Reflecting on Happier Times

Given the way this 2010 season has cratered, it was refreshing to get this email in our mailbox the other day, from a reader named Wendy in Australia:

I can’t resist writing to tell you that you have a photo of my (now) 85-year-old mother on your blog ("Post-Game 124 Thread: The Dodgers Win a Series! The Dodgers Win a Series!", from August 19 2007).

She is in a very famous picture taken in Sydney, Australia, when the end of World War II was announced. Young women came out of the city buildings to dance in the streets on VP (victory in the Pacific) Day on 15 August 1945. Her name is Elaine and she is the one in the white overcoat.

Wait ‘til I tell her that she is on a Dodgers site in the US; she’ll be quite amazed as she has never been out of Australia.

Must have been a good game that day in 2007 if the celebrations equalled those at the end of the war!

(I was actually searching for the photo when I found it on your blog, because my mum's house was destroyed by fire last year, and she lost all her old keepsakes and I wanted to replace the picture for her. It appeared in the Sydney papers on the day after the end of the war was announced. She was 20 years old.)

Sorry to hear about your mom’s fire, but glad that you’re pleased she’s found a home on our Dodgers blog. Thanks, Wendy!


Eric Karros said...

Wow, what a great letter. And all the way from Australia. Thanks Wendy.