Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Off-Day Puzzle #12: Solution

Inclusive of this puzzle, that makes four in a row for UBragg.

The answer to yesterday's puzzle is none other than SoSG's Alex Cora.

Here's the poem, without the distracting background brewski:

You might notice that some of the letters have a shadow. This is meant to indicate that some are raised slightly above the surface of the page. Now, working off the many references to blindness, as well as the poem's 3rd line, you must group these raised (and unraised) letters into the 2 x 3 dot patters used in braille, as follows:

Finally, a real-world use for your high school braille! (Puzzle trivia: the poem was originally only the first 8 lines, with no alcohol reference, but it was difficult to elegantly group into 2 x 3 letters. So I added the last 4 lines - including the bonus "I, the answer, am braille" hint.

Anyhow, translated into English, the braille message reads:

Or, more legibly:

"The Dodger with the most Hit by Pitches while Jim Tracy was manager as per baseball reference"

...and the answer is:

Alex Cora! Congratulations to UBragg, Jason, Mr C, J Steve, and Quad.

Next Puzzle - the Finale - Monday, September 20, 7am!


Josh S. said...

Wow. Even with the explanation, I still don't get it.

Dusto_Magnifico said...

I have to agree. How do you get the Braille translation from a few raised letters? I caught that there were some letters that were highlighted, but even if I could attribute that to Braille I would have never figured it out.

Josh S. said...

OK, I finally get it. Though, even if I had this same breakthrough yesterday, I doubt I would have made it line up as nicely as that braille example pic.

rbnlaw said...

My ignorance saddens me.

Eric Karros said...

Sorry it's sorta confusing, let me try to clarify:

Each letter in the poem is a braille dot (the poem is written in courier so it aligns easier). Arrange the letters in 2x3 segments.

FOr example, the first 2x3 segment is comprised of the first 2 letters in each of the first 3 lines:


This translates to the first braille letter in the upper left corner, which translates to a "T", which is the first letter in the hidden message.

Does that help?

Nostradamus said...

So...ignorance isn't bliss in this case?

Josh S. said...

That's a lot clearer, EK. Thanks. Even without the background image, though, it was tough for me to discern which underscores had shadows. Of course, I never got as far as figuring out the significance of the underscores, so...nevermind!

Dusto_Magnifico said...

maybe next season we can have some minor league puzzles?

you know... like a traditional maze would be fun. "Help Johnny find his bubblegum" stuff like that.

Steve Sax said...

Why does the table list Saves by Dodger Closers?

Eric Karros said...

Sax: Oops...leftover from this puzzle.

I'm into recycling.

Anyhow I'm leaving as is...I've decided not to correct my mistakes when not absolutely necessary. That goes for life as well as on the blog.

Steve Sax said...