Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Jamey Carroll Fan Club Blows Up Big Time

Intrigued by this:

I clicked over on ESPN.com's website and found this:

Dudes! I mean, seriously, how psyched is Jamey Carroll for all this national attention?

It's a trap!

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Josh S. said...

He's pretty humble, but I'm sure he at least gave it a sideways glance.

rbnlaw said...

Admiral Ackbar knows a trap when he sees one.

This is not a trap. Or is it?

karina said...

can't watch the video, it's blocked in my country.

karina said...

@Josh "a sideways glance" hahahahahahahahahahahaha

this is very good pun!

Steve Sax said...

PS I just noticed the guy in the video with the yellow bandana and red hawaiian shirt also has pretty wide eyes.

Ack! Bar!