Thursday, September 09, 2010

Who Fears The Dodgers?

Tim Kurkjian thinks the Dodgers could have a great say in determining which teams end up on top (though it won't be us):

There is nothing better than being in a pennant race. For those teams that aren't in the chase, there is nothing better than ruining a team's stretch run. They are the spoilers, and they are everywhere. [...]

The Dodgers aren't going to the playoffs, either, and they haven't been playing well lately. For the first time since 1984, manager Joe Torre has a team under .500 this late in a season. But they will have a say about what teams go to the playoffs. From Sept. 14 to 23, the Dodgers play, in order, three games against the Giants, Rockies and Padres, and later, three more against Colorado. In the National League East, the Nationals play the Phillies and Braves six times each. Remember, the Nationals won their final seven games last season. [...]

It soon will be time for noncontending teams to go home, and some of them can't wait. But before they go, it will be satisfying to take a few teams with them. That is one of the great beauties of baseball, the "on any given night" factor. This isn't basketball or football. A lousy team doesn't go into Chicago and beat Michael Jordan's Bulls the last week of the season, giving home-court advantage in the playoffs to some other team. In baseball, it is entirely possible a second-division team could mess up the plans of a first-place team. It is possible the Royals could win three out of four the final weekend at home against the Rays and mess everything up.

Here comes the spoiler...just not this weekend (four games in Houston), of course.


Josh S. said...

"For the first time since 1984, manager Joe Torre has a team under .500 this late in a season."

Technically, this is true. However, the 2008 Dodgers were 70-70 after Game 140. They won Game 140 to get to .500, so I'd say that he has had a team under .500 "this late in the season" as recently as two years ago.

It's splitting hairs, but what else do I have right now?

Steve Sax said...

At least you've still got hairs to split.

Kyle Baker said...

In honor of Karina, I will say something positive. Granted it's about something that happened 45 years ago today but I think it will help us get through the day:

"2 and 2 to Harvey Kuenn, 1 strike away. Sandy into his windup here's the pitch. Swung on and missed, a perfect game!"

rbnlaw said...

So, it has come to this.

Le sigh.

Nostradamus said...

*spoiler alert!*

Jimbo said...

So is Kurkjian suggesting that the Dodgers are bottoms?

Kyle Baker said...

We're definitely everybody's bish, Dr. Geek.

Nostradamus said...

Normally, I'd be happier about pitchers and catchers reporting.

Paul said...

How lucky was that 2008 team?