Friday, September 24, 2010

Post-Game 153 Thread: My Head Hurts A Bit


We beat the Padres 3-1.

We help the hated Giants take first place. With their half-game lead, the Giants are 70% likely to make the playoffs (according to's standings); the Padres are roughly 50% likely. And here we go...


Bartender! More beer, please!


Kyle Baker said...

Beer status: I'm still up drinking beer.

Steve Sax said...

Me too, DB.

I knew I could count on you.

Kyle Baker said...

I've got your back!

I will not own up to still being awake and watching GLEE re-runs w the girls tonight. *stares at shoes*

rbnlaw said...

You're not hardcore, unless you're living hardcore.

Josh S. said...

While I hate that this put the Giants in first, I kind of like how we're a little schizo about who we were helping and hurting. It had to have driven both SD and AF a little nuts.

Now we have nothing to do with it. You want the West crown the Dodgers were nice enough to abdicate? Win it yo' DAMN SELF!

Josh S. said...

^SF, not AF