Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haters Gonna Hate (McCourt Divorce Sept 24 Recap)

The feuding McCourts met in settlement talks Friday, but nothing came of it and they're not meeting Saturday, which means they probably still aren't close:

After about 10 hours of mediation, Frank and Jamie McCourt and their lawyers left Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday without reaching a settlement, according to the court's public information director, Allan Parachini.

Nor will they meet Saturday, as some sources expected. Parachini said that they will probably set a date for a future mediation session.

I'm sure Frank and Jamie both wanted to keep their schedules open to watch the Dodgers-Diamondbacks games. Oh, wait, which one was the brand again and which one was the business?


rbnlaw said...

It's tough being an Arsenal fan. Chelsea's loss is like salve for my wounds.