Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[Earth-2] Post-Game 145 Thread: That One Hit Has Got To Hurt


One measley hit (a single by Matt Kemp to lead off the second inning) was all the Dodgers could muster--and that hit didn't even factor into the Dodgers' run-scoring inning. But a Reed Johnson HBP, a sac bunt by Clayton Kershaw and walks to Rafael Furcal and Andre Ethier, and then a Casey-Blake-force-out-turned-error thanks to Giants SS Juan Uribe, allowed Johnson to score the only run of the game in the sixth inning. That was it for Giants starter Barry Zito, who tallied his 13th loss of the season and his seventh straight appearance with a loss.

But the story here was really Clayton Kershaw (CG SO, 0 R (obviously), 4 H, 0 BB, 4 Ks). That was Minotaur's first career complete game and his first career shutout. It won't be his last.

The Giants drop to 1.5 GB the Padres (who beat the Rockies), but remain 1.5 GB NL WC leader Atlanta. Let's try to get a couple more hits tomorrow, eh Dodgers?

UPDATE 10:00p: Ah crap, Orel beat me to the PGT. I'm disabling comments on this one...man, that Orel is frickin' fast.