Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There's Only 10 More Games To Tip Dylan Hernandez Over The Edge

From Dylan Hernandez' tweets tonight:

Post-game meetings with Torre are becoming painful. #Dodgers

Today, a TV reporter began his question by saying, "You guys struggled offensively the last two nights..." THE LAST TWO NIGHTS??? 39 minutes ago via web

A local newspaper reporter later asked, "Is there any sense of what will wake up the offense?" THEY'RE OUT OF THE RACE. WHO GIVES A ...??? 38 minutes ago via web

To Torre's credit, he continues to answer every question seriously. 38 minutes ago via web

I have not yet gone to a post-game meeting, but seeing Hernandez precariously perched on the edge of sanity may be the thing to get me there just for kicks. I can ask questions like "If you end up managing the Mets next year after all, would you make a move to try and get Garret Anderson again?" and "How's the team morale in the clubhouse these days, Joe?", just to watch Hernandez's head explode. Poor guy.


Rob said...

Oh, SOSG, you guys make my heart sing.

Kyle Baker said...

@ Dylan H

Tranquilo, my man. Pop by the neighborhood and I'll buy you a top shelf zin.

Josh S. said...

MLASF and I are doing our part. Nic taunts him regularly too.

Kyle Baker said...



Chris said...

Dylan and I were both at Torre's post-game session yesterday when a reporter asked Joe if he had any comment on the Mets situation (keep in mind this was after Joe had spent 20+ minutes during pre-game discussing this topic which clearly irritated him). Protocol states that you keep your questions focused on the game itself during post-game media sessions. Apparently no one told the reporter. I thought I saw red in Joe's eyes, and he's one of the nicest guy I've ever met.

I feel for Dylan and Torre.

Josh S. said...

Oh, and we're playing 164 games this year?

(Just funnin' ya.)

Steve Sax said...

shoot, my bad! what the hell happened there--edited

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

EK must've gone overboard on the "End of the PCS season" champagne.