Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boies Shells Silverstein (Sept 21 McCourt Divorce Recap)

Jamie’s attorney, David Boies
Cross examined Tuesday with a lot of noise
Thundering loudly at a guy named Larry
Whose memory of events was a little hairy.

The post-nup that Larry had crafted
Was subsequently then re-drafted.
And Larry admitted ‘twas his boner
To not tell Jamie, Frank was sole owner.

Instead he told Jamie all copies (six)
Were duplicates, without any tricks.
When pressed Tuesday, with shrunken balls,
Larry admitted “That was false.”

But now that he’s been dubbed a phony,
What about Jamie’s testimony?
What law school grad would just concede
Her post-nup doc, she didn’t read?

(And Jamie should have more frustration
About her long-faced illustration.)
But back tomorrow, we’ll reconvene
With avarice and greed obscene.

Sources for today’s recap: ESPN.com and LATimes.com


Nostradamus said...

Rhyming "balls" with "false" is sheer genius.

spank said...

Well done, Saxy. Brought me to tears. *sniffs*

Kyle Baker said...

Standing ovation, Saxy. Well done! Classic SoSG.

Steve Sax said...

glad you guys like the couplets (admittedly the meter is waaaaay off). I'll work on my poetry next round.

Fred's Brim said...

awesome stuff Saxy!
Shell would be proud, especially the balls part.