Thursday, September 23, 2010

McCourt Mediation Preview (Sept 22 McCourt Divorce Recap)

McCourt family lawyer Larry Silverstein, whom David Boies, Jamie McCourt's attorney, completely eviscerated on Tuesday, seemed to get a little more of a backbone on Wednesday (Silverstein was excused early the day before for health reasons; perhaps he got a vertebrae transplant).

According to Molly Knight and, Silverstein contended that he had explained the post-nuptial agreement in a phone call to the McCourts, although he also said that he "garbled the language" when making editorial changes to only a subset of the six signed agreement copies--but also said that he did not think he violated ethical boundaries by failing to mention this to Jamie McCourt.

But what really got me in the article was the ending paragraphs:

Late Tuesday, a person familiar with the case who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about settlement discussions told the Associated Press that the two sides would meet in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom Friday.

Last month, Frank McCourt's attorney Steve Susman said his client had offered Jamie McCourt an extremely generous amount of money but refused to disclose the figure.

I can hear Frank's Friday mediation offer now: "Hey honey, what if I throw in four cokes, four hot dogs, AND four excess inventory Matt Kemp action figures? You can't beat this deal!"


Josh S. said...

Can you defer spousal support?