Sunday, September 26, 2010

Post-Game 155 Thread: Giants Obsessed With Colorado's Balls


Yeah sure, we lost 5-2 to the Snakes. But more importantly, the Giants' extra-inning loss to the Rockies gave the Padres the NL West lead again--and left San Francisco fixated on balls:

Before the game, umpires were instructed to keep a close eye on game balls at Coors Field after the Giants expressed concern to the commissioner's office that the Rockies might be using "juiced" balls when batting.

Major League Baseball spokesman Pat Courtney confirmed that umps were told to monitor Saturday night's game balls. Courtney said the Giants had spoken to MLB about the Rockies possibly using balls that weren't properly stored in the humidor at Coors Field.

"We got the bag and brought it over here about a half an hour before the game," crew chief John Hirschbeck said. "Our clubhouse person brought them out."

Well, if we are stuck playing meaningless games down the stretch, at least we can derive meaning from other games' hijinks.


Paul said...


The Giants can hold all the balls they want.

spank said...

Frisco sure love's them bats and balls

rbnlaw said...

Timmah was asking how they wash those balls.