Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dodgers to Honor Veteran Employees

From a Dodgers press release:

The Los Angeles Dodgers will honor all employees with 25 or more years of service to the organization on the field prior to [tonight's] game against the San Diego Padres at 7:10 p.m. Usher Howie Levine, who has worked at Dodger Stadium for 38 years will sing the National Anthem and God Bless America.

At the top of the list of more than 60 individuals that have been with the Dodgers for decades are Hall of Famers Vin Scully (61 seasons), Tommy Lasorda (61 seasons) and Jaime Jarrín (52 seasons). Dodger Coach Manny Mota (41 seasons) and former Dodgers Rick Monday (25 seasons), Steve Garvey (26 years) and Ron Cey (25 years) are also long-timers with the organization.

Dodger front office staffers on the list are former travel secretary Billy DeLury (Monterrey Park, 61 seasons), Special Advisor to the Chairman Don Newcombe (Sherman Oaks, 48 seasons), Vice President of Ticket Operations Billy Hunter (Sherman Oaks, 39 years), “Sweet” Lou Johnson (Los Angeles, 29 years), Manager of Transportation Arnold Douglass (Los Angeles, 31 years), Manager Community Relations and Fan Services April Thompson (Culver City, 35 years), Receptionist Dolores Buonauro (Hacienda Heights, 27 years) and Vice President and General Counsel Sam Fernandez (Manhattan Beach, 26 years).

The Dodgers’ Baseball Operations department has had the following individuals on staff for decades: Batting Practice Pitcher Pete Bonfils (Arcadia, 40 years), Scout Henry Jones (Vancouver, WA, 35 years), Scout Mike Brito (Los Angeles, 32 years), Visiting Clubhouse Manager Jerry Turner (Diamond Bar, 31 years), Special Advisor to Amateur Scouting Director Gib Bodet (San Clemente, 31 years), Scout Carl Loewenstine (Hamilton, OH, 30 years), Camelback Ranch Coordinator John Shoemaker (Vero Beach, FL, 28 years), Scout Bobby Darwin (Corona, 28 years) and Dodger Clubhouse Manager Mitch Poole (West Covina, 25 years).

The following Dodger employees will also be honored on the field prior to Tuesday’s game:

  • Usher Ira Hawkins, 52 years (Lake Arrowhead)
  • Ticket Seller Jerry Mickelsen, 48 years (Los Angeles)
  • Assistant Manager of Security and Guest Services Edward Gonzales, 47 years (El Monte)
  • Ticket Taker Miguel Yanez, 41 years (Los Angeles)
  • Assistant Manager of Security and Guest Services Mas Miyatake, 41 years (Monterey Park)
  • Ticket Taker Eduardo Becerril, 40 years (Lynwood)
  • Usher James Harvey, 40 years (Canyon Country)
  • Usher Howard Levine, 38 years (Sherman Oaks)
  • Usher Rick Angona, 35 years (North Hollywood)
  • Ticket Taker Errol Coffey, 33 years (Los Angeles)
  • Usher Andrea Garcia, 33 years (Monterrey Park)
  • Usher Mario Villegas Jr., 33 years (Los Angeles)
  • Usher Anthony Lopez, 32 years (Whittier)
  • Security Guard Gil Garciacano, 32 years (South El Monte)
  • Ticket Seller Bob Kanner, 31 years (Santa Monica)
  • Press Box Attendant James Mims, 30 years (Los Angeles)
  • Press Box Attendant Robert Allen, 30 years (Los Angeles)
  • Ticket Taker Juan Franco, 30 years (Los Angeles)
  • Stadium Attendant Adeline Tamez, 30 years (Santa Fe Springs)
  • Stadium Attendant Carlos Deleon, 30 years (Los Angeles)
  • Stadium Attendant Maria Miranda, 30 years (Los Angeles)
  • Security Guard Fernando Sierra, 30 years (Palmdale)
  • Stadium Attendant Rafael Castellanos, 30 years (Los Angeles)
  • Security Guard Louie Ocampo, 29 years (South El Monte)
  • Usher M.J. Babyak, 29 years (Van Nuys)
  • Security Guard Richard Montano, 29 years (Pico Rivera)
  • Security Guard Eddie Alcala, 28 years (Montebello)
  • Security Guard Juan Prada, 28 years (Palmdale)
  • Gardener Petronilo Serna, 28 years (Los Angeles)
  • Stadium Attendant Rosa Sandoval, 28 years (Los Angeles)
  • Utility Groundscrewman Kevin Waters, 28 years (Northridge)
  • Ticket Seller Roy Tyler, 27 years (Pasadena)
  • Ticket Taker Valerie Jones, 26 years (Los Angeles)
  • Ticket Seller Paula Shorter, 26 years (Thousand Oaks)
  • Security Guard Pete Reynoso, 26 years (Whittier)
  • Usher Vickie Gutierrez, 26 years (Temple City)
  • Gardener Jose Toscano, 25 years (Huntington Park)
  • Stadium Attendant Efren Gonzalez, 25 years (Los Angeles)
  • Stadium Attendant Roberto Cervantes, 25 years (Rancho Cucamonga)
  • Security Guard Gary Hedman, 25 years (Moreno Valley)

Congratulations to all!


Kyle Baker said...

Hearty thanks to all these individuals for making my visits to the Yard memorable and enjoyable ones.

As baseball is my religion, and Dodger Stadium my cathedral, then Dodger staff are my priests.

Except for that mean lady who wouldn't let me trade my broken bobble right after it had been handed it to me at the gate.

Fred's Brim said...

Usher's gonna sing the anthem tonight?! That got me sayin Oh My God!

Unknown said...

What about Roger Owens, the peanut vendor in the Lodge Level? I know he's been throwing peanuts there since the Dodgers played at the Colosseum....

CokesHere said...

Flory the Food Fanatic brings up a great point. Roger is not the only Vendor that has worked there for 50+ years. There are actually four vendors that have that status and a good ten or so others who have at least 25 years of service. But, because they are not "Dodger Stadium employees" they are not worthy of being recognized.

It is a shame.