Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clint Bowyer Penalized 150 Points; Dodger Fans Don't Give Two Shits

ESPN reported late Wednesday that Clint Bowyer has been penalized 150 points by NASCAR for a failed inspection:

The New Hampshire car passed postrace inspection at the track, but upon further review at the NASCAR Research and Development Center in Concord, issues were discovered with the back end tolerances.

"They were in the box [after the Richmond race] but getting close to some of the tolerances, and we asked them to come in to see if they aren't getting off on one of their build sheets," Pemberton said.

Leave it to NASCAR to discover issues with back end tolerances. Maybe we should get get Mike Leake on the case.

But 150 points! That sounds so serious. I mean, it's gotta be equivalent to moving back two spaces on the gameboard, or at least losing a turn. But at least Bowyer deftly avoided having to sit in the mushpot or do "butts up" against the wall.


MR.F said...

Butts up! I remember playing that solely because it made me appear to be less of a wimp to my schoolmates.

Jimbo said...

NASCAR? Really?

I know the season unofficially ended long ago, but, damn, someone is not taking this elimination well.

Fred's Brim said...

My dad (a Dodger fan) got talking about this last night, and it was all over the top sports stories lists for some reason. It's big to the NASCAR world as it's the equivalent of crashing on the first lap instead of winning the race, but why the trials and travails of Clint Bowyer qualify as news is beyond me

rbnlaw said...

I think he and his sponsors would've preferred butts-up.

Maybe a blanket party?

In the world of left turns, that's a shitload of points, and probably means a championship.

Or so I'm told.

Kyle Baker said...

Wait, is "butts up" like "buns up" that I played as a kid involving throwing a ball against a wall and catching it with one hand, etc.?