Thursday, September 02, 2010

(Late) Scoreboard Watching: September 2 Game of Note

Sorry this is late!

The only game worth watching, the one with wild card implications, is Phillies @ Rockies, which is already in play. Joe Blanton has gone 4.1 IP and given up five runs, three which were earned. Jhoulys Chacin of the Rockies has given up two runs, neither being earned. We're in the bottom of the fifth with the Rockies up 5-2. A Rockies win would trim the Phillies' Wild Card lead to a single game over the Giants--so as much as it hurts to say it, we should cheer on Philly. Or at least hope for a meteor to strike Coors Field.


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Here's a wrinkle:

If I had to choose, I'd go with either Beltre or Crawford.

Josh S. said...

Would said meteor also wipe Coors beer from existence? If so, then "Go meteor!"

Josh S. said...

*checks score*

Welp, Philly certainly is winning.

Nostradamus said...

I hate that the wildcard is coming down to the Phils and the Jints. It's like being forced to choose between halibut ice-cream and sputum casserole. There's a better choice, but that's not saying much.

Nostradamus said...

Plus, if the Pods continue their current trend...


Paul said...

Nothing would please me more at this time than a sweep
of the Giants. Also nothing would surprise me more

Paul said...

Pretty cool to rewatch the red white scrimage qbs of my senior year play in the chargers niners game.

Althogh they both look like back up qbs. Carr has had his chances. Volek lit it up with the Titans. No one thinks he is a starter and at this point my chem partner probably is past his prime.

No Ryan Mathews. Rats.

karina said...

@Mr LASF people saying the Dodgers should trade King James is sad. I'm preparing myself for the idea I already saw Russell Martin's last game as a Dodger.

King James and my son removed all of once *shudders*.I'd rather have a contact hitter and a very good glove than some boring 1B with lots of power,no contact and slow as a turtle (I know King james is not exactly a speed champion)

Also, I think people should stop blaming Rihanna for Matt Kemp's erratic play. If it was a good reasoning, any player couldn't have significant others or worse families,in a very humble opinion.

rbnlaw said...

Reading the comments on that MLBTR piece gave me a headache.

Dunn? No
Konerko? No
Werth? no

Crawford? Hell-to-the-yes
Beltre? maybe.

I'm afraid Dunn and Konerko have seen their days, and once they play in the heavy night air at the Ravine, balls won't fly out as often. Plus, Dunn won't be facing Dodger pitching if he's on the team.

karina said...

Research in the blogosphere about James Loney

a) numbers say he sucks, but somehow, I felt there's something missing. I guess I'm subjective when I analyze his qualities.

b) it's really bad when people want to trade him and pursue players that are at least 5 or 6 years older than him

c) this season has become us into a great pile of gloom. Many already condemned 2011 (I read something like leave Loney, it's gonna be a .500 season anyway)

d) there was a tiny bubble of hope when someone say he's a modern version of Wes Parker (FTW) but quickly someone says Parker worked out in a time of low scoring.

e) I don't know how you put up with me.My baseball opinions, specially the ones regarding the Dodgers, suck big time. I should stop commenting about Dodgers baseball :(

Thanks for the tolerance, Sons and readers.

f) However, I'm convinced numbers don't tell the whole history, If it was true, the 2008 Rays shouldn't have reached the World Series by any circumstance. Someone could argue hat team had Carlos Peña as a starting 1B and key player, who didn't hit for average but had a lot of pop and RBIs. What do I know?

g) I want someone to prove me he knew that the Rangers and the Padres were going to have the season they have as in April, for example.

karina said...

^someone said

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

@Karina - You can try to use numbers as a basis for prediction, but let's face it, people are unpredictable. It's an unpredictable game. One ace and one unknown threw perfect games in the span of four weeks. Numbers only reflect previous performance; they do not predict future ones.

Nostradamus said...

If I had the ability to know everything beforehand, this game would be REALLY boring.

Kyle Baker said...

"Numbers only reflect previous performance; they do not predict future ones."

Somewhere out there, the stat-lickers are putting a price on MLASF's head. You're welcome to stay with me. We can arm ourselves to the teeth, lay into some tequila, ice, and limes, and defend ourselves against the inevitable onslaught from MSTI, KK, and Moriyama.

Steve Sax said...

Phils win 12-11 with a nine-run seventh inning.


Kyle Baker said...

Phiwwies' pen gave up four. Gaping hole in their chances to go deep in playoffs.

Paul said...


Baseball is a true team sport. That is one of the many reasons I love it. We once had a Catcher (a traditionally soft hitting position) hit .362 with 40 homeruns and didn't make the playoffs that year.

There a probably over 20 ways to improve the offense that do not invovle trading Jimmy Loney.

Paul said...
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Paul said...

Secretary trancribed that with errors. It should have been "why I love baseball". "There are" versus "There a"

rbnlaw said...

Did we win tonight?

Oh wait.

Stats to not a season make. I'm afraid if the Dodgers trade FJMFL, he'll turn into Paul Konerko.

rbnlaw said...


Mr. F,
Something on your mind?

Steve Sax said...

I still can't believe the Phils had a nine-run inning. Wow.

karina said...

@Mr LASF @Mr C @rbnlaw @Paul thanks for the support and for being far more eloquent to prove my point.

"Numbers can't predict future". I'm gonna give a well known example: in the many comments I read, someone said something like "CarGo is better in the MLB than his numbers in the minors predicted"

I'm not surprised about CarGo's performance and I'm confident he'll be better (killing NL WEST and the Dodgers). Numbers can say a lot, but there are no statistics that reflect these things: he tended to seek home runs all the time, specially when team was losing and he swung to any fastball, when he started to approach contact, all his hitting vastly improved.

Why? Aguilas has a bunch of "light hitting white guys" disguised as latinos and he was actually doing everything he could to win.

Then it was the problem of his lame baserunning (take notes Bison). He seemed to trust only on his speed, not on the game situations that enable baserunning. He's improved A LOT on that.

There you go, numbers are very useful tools but there's a whole lot more that can't be measured.

The only place where numbers are the only thing that matters, is fantasy baseball and yet, they don't say anything about present and future.