Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Good and the Bad for Brad Penny

For those of you who missed the highlights last night in St. Louis: former Dodger Brad Penny was potent at the plate but had to leave after three innings with a back injury:

ST. LOUIS -- Swinging a bat was just fine for Brad Penny, who hit a grand slam in the third inning. Pitching was another matter.

The St. Louis Cardinals right-hander aggravated an upper back injury from the previous start and had to leave the cushion he created with the bullpen after only three innings of a 9-5 victory over the Los Angeles Angels on Friday night.

The Cardinals were unsure of the severity of the injury and scheduled an MRI exam for Saturday morning.

"It was something I was trying to deal with between starts," Penny said. "I couldn't have pitched that last inning, there was no way. The first inning, I felt incredible. The second inning, I felt OK and the third inning, I started feeling a little worse."

Penny said he didn't inform the team after his last start in Cincinnati, in which he allowed seven runs on 13 hits in five innings, that something felt wrong. Manager Tony La Russa said that wasn't unusual, that players are constantly judging whether they're hurt or just sore, but admitted concern.

"My mood stinks, so you'll have to suffer with me," he told reporters. "I'm definitely worried. I'd like to find out."

A grumpy Brad Penny? Haven't seen that before.


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

And he's now on the DL.

rbnlaw said...

I don't care if Bad Penny cures cancer, save starving children in the Sudan, brings peace to the Middle East, and finds Osama bin Laden; he's still a fat load of malcontent.