Monday, May 17, 2010

Top Five Costume Ideas for Empire Strikes Back Night

Only four shopping days left, Dodger fans, before Empire Strikes Back Night at Dodger Stadium. To help you, we're going to spark your creative juices about potential costumes for you to consider wearing to the Stadium, so that you can sit up there in Cloud, the "This Is My Town" section, in style.

5. Lobot

Perhaps the easiest ESB costume to design, all one has to do is shave his head and put some 1980's-era headphones on, swinging them back so the band covers the back of the skull. What's more, you don't have to say much; you just have to look longingly at Lando Calrissian, whom we all know is going to be getting busy during the game hitting on women. So basically, you've got it made: just kick back and watch the game in your gray sleeveless pantsuit. How delightful!

4. Yoda

You're short. You've got big ears. And your leathery skin makes you look like you're over 800 years old. That's right, if you're Dominic Monaghan, it's incumbent upon you to show up to ESB night as Yoda. Crazy this must sound, hmm? Just think about all those Dodger fly balls (which are a hell of a lot lighter than X-Wing Fighters, mind you) that you can better levitate over the right field wall for home runs, from your seating position. You'll be a hero.

3. Emperor Palpatine

Not exactly the kind of costume that is going to bring in the babes, but there are advantages. A black hooded robe ain't hard to find, for one thing. And if you've been working late at night, or you've got a newborn kid named Lucas who is keeping you up at night (hypothetically speaking, of course), then you've got the bags under the eyes already taken care of. But the real benefit is when you want to warm up those nachos or your fifth Dodger Dog: just use the lightning that comes out of your fingers, and presto!

2. Han Solo, carbon frozen

The upside of this costume is that the ushers will have no trouble directing you the standing-room-only section. And when the wave inevitably rolls around to your section, you'll be ready! Of course, the downside to this is going to the bathroom (especially up on the reserved level where getting to the troughs is a tough maneuver). Not to mention the hibernation sickness, which will make the drive home kind of difficult.

1. Han Solo and Tauntaun

Perhaps the most awesome ESB costume I've seen is from Scott Holden, who made this amazing beast last year. He's got details on how to do it yourself here. Normally I would think that a Tauntaun would count as a pet, but I've gotta think that one look at this guy and they'll let you in the reserved gates, even if you do walk around kind of like Andruw Jones used to amble. So grab your wife's Ugggs and mush on! But be forwarned: if it gets cold up there, fans may end up eviscerating your belly in order to stay warm.

The Best Tauntaun Costume Ever


Greg Finley said...

Mark my words: They won't let the Tauntaun in the stadium, and we won't win the World Series for 100 years.

Josh S. said...

Or, hypothetically, he's been sleeping through the night since three-months-old, but you still have bags under your eyes from staying up playing Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Josh S. said...

Just missed the Top 5: Ice Cream Maker Guy.

Kyle Baker said...

It took me a second, but then BAM! Nice, Greg Photo.

Kyle Baker said...


JLo on MLB Radio on Sirius/XM right now.

Steve Sax said...

@Josh S. 12:58p: I ***LOVED*** Arkham Asylum. I beat all the stealth challenges (I'm not into the fighting challenges as much), found all the riddles, and obviously completed the game, which rocked. After I get over my CoD:MW2 fix, I'll try and go back and beat it on the hardest level.

Kyle Baker said...

BTW, thanks for the Colt 45 reference. Need to snag a 40-dog of the stuff to have while I watch the game Friday. It's also a nice reference to our current homestand opponents.

Josh S. said...

Got extra toilet paper?

Go as Dengar!

Kyle Baker said...

Emperor Palpatine looks like a younger Jamie Moyer.

Kyle Baker said...

I think I might just wear my Hoth battle gear.

Steve Sax said...

Dengar was right on the bubble, Josh S. In fact, a lot of those bounty-hunters-whose-names-are-only-known-because-of-Kenner are on there. I may have to do a second top 5 tomorrow.

I also think it's hilarious how Dengar's other name is "Payback", considering how he looks like he got the crap kicked out of him.

Kyle Baker said...

But that narrative makes sense, Sax. If he just got the crap kicked out of him, wouldn't be be looking for payback?

Or was someone else looking for payback, and Dengar was the target?

Speaking of it all, check out this upcoming opportunity at the ArcLight:

Kyle Baker said...

Dengar should have been given a chance in the play-in game.