Monday, May 24, 2010

Help a New Mexico Fan Out

New Mexico Fan — who reports that Chin-lung Hu is out with a broken nose — has written, seeking the 411 on visiting Dodger Stadium:

1. Where would be the best place to stay for an out of towner going to L A to see the Dodgers?

2. How early should you get to Chavez Ravine on game day? And what is the best way to get to Dodger Stadium?

3. For a fan who might only get out there once every couple of years what seats do you recomend?

4. What is a must do for a Dodger fan?

5. What is the best place to catch a game on T V with Dodger fan? sports bars ect.

Since you, dear readers, have collectively spent several lifetimes at Dodger Stadium, I'd thought we'd turn it over to you. I'm especially curious to see your answers to #5. The Short Stop?

photo by Allen J. Schaben/LA Times


Fred's Brim said...

*awaits flood of answers to prepare for my own impending sojourn*

Casey Lombardo said...

When buying tickets at face value, I usually try to go for something in Section 23 if possible. That might seem insanely specific, but it's a decent price with a great view, and you're up over the home dugout, which is nice.

If you bring binoculars and crane your neck, you can see Vin doing his thing in the press box, too.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

To see a game for the first time, I'd go for the loge section, somewhere between the two dugouts. This will afford you the best view of the field and the surrounding areas. Box seats are good but too low to appreciate the entire experience. Reserved seats are too far from the action, but offer a great down look at the field.

You should spend enough time before the game to wander through the stadium. Visit the Top of the Park Store for all things Dodgers ($$$)

Dodger dogs are a must.

Ben G said...

1. Standard Hotel downtown.
2. I like to get there when gates open (a few hours before) so I can find street parking on sunset or even stadium. (no 15 dollar parking!). And I always get there by going sunset blvd to stadium way.
3. If you can't afford field level, get some Loge level seats. There isn't a bad seat in the park.
4. Take the Dodger Stadium tour.
5. Don't go to the short stop. Teeny tv with no sound (if they even have the game on). It's a hipster bar first and a baseball bar second. They use the Dodgers angle to sell beer before games when the bar is otherwise dead.
Do go there for a beer before games, cool pictures on the walls.
The bar in el compadre next door has a big tv and always has the game on. Otherwise ridiculous places like Big Wangs are always fun.

Greg said...

Before game: Short Stop or Philippe's

Entrance: ANY but the Sunset or Stadium Way entrances. Look at maps.

Seats: My tix are Reserved section 24. First "outer" reserve section and a good price drop from inner reserve. Pick up your tix from the ticket window during the day for a different experience of the Stadium. If you get them from the upper level ticket window you can also go in the Top Of The Park store when it isn't crowded.

I am in ABQ at least once a year, but yet to have a chance to see a game at the Isotopes stadium. Do they serve Dodger Dogs wrapped in sopapillas? :)

Wesley Vento said...

1. HLACK comes from the I.E., so staying in Hotels is not really a must. I have, once, stayed at the Sportsman's Lodge on Ventura for a Giants/Dodgers series two years ago. It was awesome b/c my friend paid for the room, and there was a wedding party with (I swear) a Mulleted bride.
2. I always try to get there before first pitch, but like so many Dodger fans before me, have gotten stuck on the 5 trying to get off at Stadium, had to pee so bad I charged from the car straight into the bushes in the parking lot, and arrived in the bottom of the 2nd.
3. Have to agree on the Loge, but I think that the Top Deck ain't too shabby for the $.
4. HLACK must, at every game, yell at people who take more interest in a beach ball than the professional athletes they paid to come see play. "Watch the game!!!" is appreciated by me always. A summertime must is asking for a cup of ice with your beer purchase to keep those $11 beauties cold.
5. Don't know. Don't care to know. Like I said, I'm from the IE, so if I'm out there, I'm at Chavez.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I can't remember. Does Filipe's have a television? I think they do. If so, go there.

Steve Sax said...

Philippe's does indeed have a television, a big ol' flat screen right over the candy counter.

Steve Sax said...

@HLACK 2.26p #2: Holy crap, you take a long time to pee. Especially if Ramon Ortiz was pitching that day.

Josh S. said...

If you want to pretend to be hoity-toity, but spend far less money, I recommend the Baseline Field section. You can get seats in this section for about $40 each (using a SuperGroup promo code, like the one found here).

The sight lines aren't the best, but the seats are comfy, you get a table and extra legroom, and you're close enough to the field to smell the grass.

rbnlaw said...

One word: Loge.

Shortstop before, not during.
Parking: Lot 1 is the tip; park as far to the south as you can (back toward the entrance).

During: Phillipe's just for the sandwiches and cheap beer. Otherwise, look for a viewing party at the ESPN Zone in LA Live.

Most of all, enjoy. Wave a Fernando up in the booth, and genuflect towards Vin. You will be the highest cathedral in baseball.

You will be at The Ravine. Fuck the Giants.

rbnlaw said...


BoysofSummer said...

Philipe's is good before the game but unless you want to wait in super huge lines I think it best to get a "Super Dodger Dog" not the regular mind you at the stadium for only 75 more cents.

Loge is my favorite section, either in right field or left field. I like that angle of the game and the tix are around $30. If you're single try sitting in right field, I find more girls are there because of Ethier.

After stadium drinking, The Gold Room for cheap specials. Ask for the "House Special" and you get a beer and a shot of tequila and they have free tacos so all you gotta do is ask. You can get the house special with any beer so just order what you want such as a New Castle and say House Special afterward and bam! Like $5 for a beer, a shot and a taco.

Also, I love the beer garden at the Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake which is like 2 miles from the stadium. To watch the game though I say go to Sam's Hof Brau on Alameda and Olympic. They have tvs and very good drink specials. Great spot for day games. Oh by the's a topless bar lol. Free entry....FREE ENTRY and $10 dances plus happy hour and the Dodger game. I mean, WOW!

Favorite route, 101 North exit Ceasar Chavez and enter through Elysian Park Ave.

Things to do at the stadium: Wait outside Vin Scully's press box and try to get a photo with THE MAN :)

All Star Carpet Care said...

I live in Long Beach, so I can't help with hotel suggestions.

When I want to splurge I go with the Lodge, anywhere between the dugouts is great. But there truly isn't a bad seat in the house.

Get there as soon as the gates open, it great to sit and watch the stadium fill up and come to life.

NicJ said...

Sit in the Left Field Pavilion and be sure to wear the other teams colors.


The Face said...

Loge, over either first or third base are the best seats, but then over third base were my season seats for 25 years before I moved away so there may be some bias.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I'm selling tickets for this past Friday's game at under face.