Monday, May 17, 2010

Ethier Finger Examined by Shin Doctor

From @jonmorosi:

#Dodgers say Ethier is day-to-day with fractured pinkie. Waiting to see if he can tolerate pain and swing this week. Not bad news.

From "Ethier has splint placed on broken finger" by Ken Gurnick at

Ethier was still in some pain Sunday morning, then he drove to Los Angeles for an exam by hand specialist Dr. Steve Shin, who immobilized the knuckle to prevent flexion.

"We're hoping he's able to function, but we'll see," Torre said before the exam. "It's sore today. The trainers have been in touch.

"Over the next couple days, we'll see if there's a comfort level for him. We'll give him a day or two to let the soreness out and see what he can do with it and decide if it's enough. The last thing we want is to have him go out and do something and get into bad habits and wind up with a bad situation." Torre related how difficult it is for a hitter to swing a bat with a broken finger, even a pinkie like the right one Ethier broke Saturday night in batting practice. Ethier explained that the finger "contorted" under the knob of the bat during a swing and the pressure of the bat cracked the first knuckle.

(Emphasis mine.) First of all, ouch. Second of all, how cool is it that Ethier went to a doctor named Shin to check out his hand? I don't think this quite qualifies as irony, but there's a nice weirdness to it. Probably the only person who doesn't think it's funny is Dr. Shin.

And this, from Eric Stephen at True Blue LA:

At the very least, for the immediate future Ethier won't be able to do the following:

  • Swing a bat
  • Portray Dr. Evil
  • Give the "hang loose" sign
  • Do the classic Magic Johnson and A.C. Green handshake from the Showtime days
  • Properly drink tea

Very nice! The Dodgers clubhouse will certainly miss Ethier's sidesplitting impression of Dr. Evil. This injury hurts the team off the field as well, you know.


rbnlaw said...

He also can't drum his fingers on the table while waiting to figure out what to do next.

Either was also told to not "pinky swear" to anything for 15 days.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Oh come on.

Josh S. said...

Dre could also lose his A&W endorsement deal.

Kyle Baker said...

Wait, wouldn't his injury make it EASIER to properly drink tea, what with the splint causing his pinky to jut out unnaturally?

Wesley Vento said...

perform the Touch Of Death

Steve Sax said...

get to those deep-seeded boogers

Kyle Baker said...

I would have thought we'd hear from Booger on this one.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

He also can't ask girls to call him.

Kyle Baker said...

^Sorry for using several different tenses in my comment above.

karina said...

He can't perform \m/ either

Kyle Baker said...

I think he can still throw a *West Coast* sign, though.

Steve Sax said...

Shin Doctors? Didn't they sing Two Princes?

Kyle Baker said...

Sweet mother of god that song was (is) repetitive:

I confess I was really into Spin Doctors at the time, but I also confess I was also really into...a lot of stuff at the time which, quite possibly, clouded my judgment about whether certain music was good or bad.