Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ramirez Reciprocally Unhappy With Dilbeck's Blogging Effort

Oh no you didn't. It looks like this Steve Dilbeck/Manny Ramirez furor isn't going to die down any time soon.

Never mind the fact that Dilbeck, the resident LA Times Dodgers blogger, leads all print media Dodgers bloggers with five posts in the last 24 hours (raising his On-Blog Percentage by sixty-eight points); now Los Angeles Dodgers left fielder Manny Ramirez is not happy with Dilbeck's lackadaisical blogging Wednesday evening:

Dilbeck posts to his Dodgers blog like he's a beat reporter left in the dark. Early in the game, his blog ran two posts of four paragraphs or fewer about the same tired topic, the electrical power outage at Wrigley Field. And if you look closely, both blogposts were actually written by Bill Shaikin, not Dilbeck himself.

And early this morning, Dilbeck himself takes the time to write a 15-paragraph post--but seven of those paragraphs are one-sentence "paragraphs".

The other eight grafs are a herculean effort more, being two sentences in length. Dilbeck just sort of leans back in his chair, cracks his knuckles, types a couple of words, then hits the period key and the carriage return.

Any kind of effort, and it's a real article, a thoughtful piece that provides meaningful insight into the back-office workings of our team. Instead, we've got Dilbeck letting Dodger GM Ned Colletti off the hook of any sort of responsibility, by giving Colletti effort points for "making inquiries" about Roy Oswalt and Cliff Lee, without investigating to determine how far or serious or realistic those inquiries could have been (or even if the phone call was effectively connected in the first place).

All this blogging ugliness has forced non-media-funded bloggers everywhere to sharpen their criticism of Colletti and his likely-hamstrung lack of quality roster additions this year. MSTI has felt forced to bring up Oswalt in obligatory posts, almost to remind Colletti that other starting pitchers who might be available even exist, always a tad dangerous since some people can't discern sarcasm from deadpan facts, and Buster Olney had to post just to make sure the Rangers weren't a viable Oswalt destination.

Sure, Dilbeck's blogging has devolved into Plaschke-like paragraph sizes. We still got the topics of Oswalt and Lee back in the forefront again, where they belong as the team looks to contend for a division title. And as for Dilbeck's not writing two of his last five posts himself--is that any different from us linking over to others' information and putting their words in italicized blockquotes? Sure, Dilbeck's blog is no SoSG and he's not going to post any off-day puzzles, but his Dodgers news snippets come with the territory; that's how it goes.

Yes, we can't use Dilbeck's blog in isolation on any night. But that's all right. There are other sites to satiate Dodger fans who want to read, process, and interpret facts, opinions, observations, and sarcastic humor. Click on a couple of extra blog links. Or better yet, bookmark them.

Maybe Ramirez needs to go back to doing VIP Tickets radio commercials, and stop reading and overanalyzing every blogpost about his play.

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Josh S. said...

When asked to clarify his statements, Ramirez said, "I LIKE HAPPY MEALS. I HAVE A HORN! *HONK HONK*"

Fred's Brim said...

Dilbeck looks like the love child of Ed Harris and Red Forman from That 70s Show

Gagne's lucky glasses said...

Ramon got DFA'd today...MSTI is elated

Kyle Baker said...

Isn't Dilbeck that little cartoon guy who has such a tough time in the workaday world?

Nostradamus said...

I would be more pleased about Ortiz if Miller wasn't coming to replace him.

5factum said...

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