Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Costume Ideas for Empire Strikes Back Night

As we've mentioned before, Friday is the highly-anticipated Empire Strikes Back Night at Dodger Stadium (make sure you click on that link to see a comical Jib Jab video; thanks to Gabriel M. for the tip). Geeks like us Sons are having multiple orgasms thinking about costume ideas, carbonite-flavored frozen Dibs, and whether lightsabers can be concealed better in one's backpack or duct taped to one's leg.

But I've also got to think that the Dodger players are excited for the costume opporunities, right? They're geeks too (even if Randy Wolf is no longer on the roster)! So here's five costume ideas for the current (and recently-departed) Dodger squad, lest they want to celebrate this fine evening in costume, along with the rest of us nerds:

Andre Ethier as Bespin Luke Skywalker

Ethier: broken right pinky finger, sending him to the DL. Bespin Luke: right hand cut off by his father in lightsaber duel. As Delino said earlier, let's take an unfortunate mishap and turn it into a costume opportunity.

Jamey Carroll as 4-LOM

Carroll is widely known (at least on SoSG) for having freakishly wide eyes. Why not have him suited up as 4-LOM, the protocol droid-turned-bounty hunter with eyes positioned on the sides of his head?

Jason Repko as Dengar

Yeah, I know Repko isn't a Dodger anymore. But after his string of injuries, wouldn't it be right to have him wrapped up like a mummy, walking around the clubhouse?

Garret Anderson as an AT-AT

I know Anderson isn't the oldest person on the 25-man roster (that would be Manny). But sometimes, Anderson moves like he's five years older than he really is (almost 38). About the speed of an AT-AT.

Reed Johnson as 2-1B

This is a bit of a stretch, but that dead squirrel tail on Johnson's chin reminds me of the center Hannibal Lecter-like mouthguard on 2-1B. Complementing the shape of the bald head on top, assuming you can fold that goatee-gone-awry upward, you've got the centerpiece of an easy 2-1B face on which to build.

Also receiving votes: Zuckuss, Ugnaughts


Josh S. said...

Ramon Ortiz as C-3PO because he gets blown to pieces and has to be carried?

MR.F said...

Who would make a good Ugnaught(sp?)?

MR.F said...


MR.F said...

Oh but the Pads will be gone by tomorrow.

Josh S. said...

Torre's a bit Ugnaught-ish, but even they wouldn't have brought in Troncoso in that situation.

Kyle Baker said...

MSB = Jawa

Kyle Baker said...

GA is clearly AT-AT. Just a little bit of strong wrapped around his ankles would bring him down.

Kyle Baker said...

I'm still laughing at my comment last night "Oh, the Bad Pitches You'll Throw!" (Not cause I was one who said it but because it's funny and I need funny to ease the pain after last night's embarrassment.)*

*And by last night's embarrassment I mean both the game and the Blogger comment situation.

MR.F said...

NedCo as Admiral Ozzel.


spank said...

Frank McCourt as Palpatine/ The Emperor. All good on the outside/ Pure evil on the inside.

Fred's Brim said...

Is that Luke or the Crocodile Hunter?

Steve Sax said...

Ramon Ortiz as Kendal Ozzel?

(Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh with respect to Ortiz' demise.)

Steve Sax said...

@Mr F 11:01a: I was trading off Jamey Carroll between 4-LOM and an Ugnaught (Carroll is the smallest guy on the team right now).

Steve Sax said...

@DB 11:32a: FWIW I laughed at "Oh the Bad Pitches You'll Throw" as well. That was a good PGT.