Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ethier Breaks Pinky; Dodger Fans Hold Breaths

Andre Ethier's late scratch from Saturday's lineup was due to a broken pinky, and now our Triple-Crown-paced superstar is the latest Dodger to be injured this year:

SAN DIEGO -- The Dodgers have lost Andre Ethier at least through Sunday and possibly much longer after the hot-hitting right fielder, who leads the National League in all three Triple Crown categories, broke a small bone in the little finger of his right hand swinging a bat before Saturday night's 4-1 win over the San Diego Padres.

Ethier will return to Los Angeles on Sunday to meet with team physician Dr. Neal ElAttrache and hand specialist Dr. Steve Shinn at the Kerlan-Jobe clinic. Dodgers trainer Stan Conte said no prognosis for Ethier will be available until after that examination.

Ethier said his finger got pinched against the knob of his bat while he was taking a swing.

"I was just in the cage hitting, taking regular swings,'' Ethier said. "This is something I have done quite a few times before, but it's usually a sprain or a bruise. This time, it finally gave way, I think. I swung three or four more times afterward, thinking it was just a sprain. But then I sat around for an hour, and it started throbbing a little bit.

"I thought at that point that it must be pretty bad this time. I went out and played catch, and it flared back up a little bit. So then I tried to hold a bat just to see what it felt like, and it didn't feel right.''"

Usually when I raed something about a Dodger player going to see a hand specialist, there's about a thousand jokes that run through my head. Not this time.

Get well, Andre.



Kyle Baker said...

Pinky or pinkie? I have no idea but this could be important at some point.

Paul said...

Pinkie is my cousin from Sicily. While Pinky is a different cousin from Sicily....

Steve Sax said...

Dusty, it's funny that you asked that; I thought the same.

Wikipedia said pinky was the American standard, despite how ESPN wrote it last night. So I went with the -y convention (not that wikipedia is always right, by any means)

Kyle Baker said...

I like that you researched the term before posting it, Sax.

Kyle Baker said...

The import of Karina's "borracho no come dulce" line is starting to sink in. Just wow. Things are going to change now.

rbnlaw said...

We don't like change. We fear change. Change is bad.