Monday, May 24, 2010

Matt Kemp in the Middle of Things

May 15
May 17
May 20
May 21

AP photos (clockwise): Lenny Ignelzi, Alex Gallardo, Lori Shepler, Mark J. Terrill


Greg Zakwin said...

Bison Power!

Sign this man long-term already!

Josh S. said...

May 20th is the best. Invisible zipline!

Steve Sax said...

"Malcolm" Kemp.

Jason said...

May 20th looks like Johnson and Paul are attached to Kemp's utility belt.

May 21st, on the other hand, looks like everyone is wearing some kind of Iron Man style hover device.

Greg Zakwin said...

May 21st- Looks like Kemp is just there from the torso up.

spank said...

May 20th looks like Kemp is lifting off into space and the energy is taking Paul and Johnson with him. May 21st Kemp is a man among boys

pushingtide said...

SO gay. F the Dodgers