Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CBS Knows Its Fractions

As CBS announced its schedule for next year at upfronts, I had to laugh at CBS Entertainment Chief Nina Tassler's explanation of why Charlie Sheen merits $1.2M/episode to return to Two and a Half Men:

At an annual media breakfast held to discuss the network’s new schedule, Tassler was pressed why CBS felt it was worth it to bring Sheen back.

“Because the show is called ‘Two. And. A. Half. Men,’” she replied, enunciating each word. “It’s not called ‘One and a Half.’ Because it is the show, his point of view. He’s a big star. We’re so thrilled to have him back. I think we value our stars and our actors. They brand the show. And he’s a huge part of it.”

He's back because it's not called "One and a Half Men"? Okay sure, but why not just call it "Three-Halves Men"? Or "How I Met Your One And A Half Men"? Surely, there are other less-expensive options.

We need some numbers guys over at CBS, stat. Here comes the Moneyball era!

photo: CBS


Greg Finley said...

Wait ... that show is still on the air?

Fred's Brim said...

Nina Tassler yelling at a dog:
"You have to watch! We've overvalued our stars! Old people aren't going to watch this shite forever and lord knows young people don't watch us."

MR.F said...

Maybe CBS is more concerned with an executive's heart, soul, grit, spunk, and determination than her actual numbers (or ability to use them).

MeanieBreanie said...

Oh my god, why don't you start a CBS blog and report their news on it.

Alex Cora said...

Looks like that "half" is a man already - that kid is pretty big. How about "Three Men on a Network No One Watches."

Josh S. said...
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Steve Sax said...

Jon Cryer is the Half part.