Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dilbeck Unhappy With Ramirez's Defensive Effort

Manny appears to chase a Mike Fontenot double in the second inning, but Steve Dilbeck thinks Ramirez isn't hustling enough.

Never mind the fact that Ramirez is second on the team in OPS (only to Andre Ethier, on the DL), batting average, and OBP: the LA Times' Dodgers blogger Steve Dilbeck is not happy with Ramirez' lackadaisical play in left field Wednesday night:

Manny played left field like he was auditioning for designated hitter. Like he’s already decided he is one. Unless that toe he injured trying his ballerina move in the training room is hurting him worse than is being let on.

In the second inning, a little looper hit by pitcher Tom Gorzelanny fell for an RBI single when Manny went after it by way of Denver. He started back, slowly went forward, circled Lake Michigan, and then kind of stuck out a belated glove.

Which was a herculean effort compared to the eighth, when pinch-hitter Jeff Baker sent a fly to the wall. Manny looked at it like it was going to land 16 rows into the bleachers. He just sort of strolled back, almost admiring the drive -- until it bounced about 6 feet off the wall.

Any kind of effort, and it’s an out. Instead, it went for a two-run triple. He also bobbled another ball for an error.

All this ugliness forced manager Joe Torre to use his ace relievers more than he would have preferred. Hong-Chih Kuo had to go 1 1/3 innings, always a tad dangerous with his fragile elbow, and Jonathan Broxton had to throw a five-out save.

Sure, Manny went 0-for-5 yesterday, and maybe he caused two runs in the eighth by misjudging a ball. We still won by three. And as for his circuitous route in the second inning on a fly ball--is that any different from Gold Glove winner Matt Kemp's bizarre routes at times in center field? Sure, Ramirez is no Kemp and he's not going to win any Gold Gloves, but Ramirez's defense comes with the territory; that's how it goes.

Yes, our bullpen got used a bit more and differently Wednesday night, as Tony Jackson indicated in his column. But that's all right. Take a breathing exercise. We were okay, at least Wednesday night.

Maybe Dilbeck is hanging near Bill Plaschke's desk a bit too much.

photo: AP / Nam Y Huh


Fred's Brim said...

He probably expected to get beer poured on him if he went anywhere near the wall

Greg Zakwin said...

The Gorzelanny play was a definite error, though of course in Chicago it's ruled a hit.

In all honesty, I thought the Baker ball was gone as well, and I'm not so sure Manny catches it regardless.

Either way, it's Manny. We KNOW he blows defensively.

Kyle Baker said...

I watched the game after it was played and after the requisite Manny defensive criticism had already rolled in, so I saw it under that context. In my opinion, it wasn't nearly as bad as many were saying. It was a weird, shitty night for lights and weather, which could explain mis mis-reading the ball. But since those very legitimate factors don't fit the Manny narrative, of course they are dismissed by the Plaschkes of the world.

Manny has actually played some pretty solid D before yesterday's game, all told. How many times can you remember him dropping a fly this season, or letting a ball go Bill Buckner, or pulling a Hanley Ramirez? Few if any.

Loney Fan said...

Last night's effort seemed to be particularly annoying. I thought it was just me, but it obviously was witnessed by many. Any Dodger fan knows that you have to expect it from Manny and I am not upset about it now, but again, it was aggravating to watch.