Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon Notagé

If Jackie Chan isn't throwing out pitches for the Dodgers, he's throwing out pitches for the team playing the Dodgers.

photo by Charles Rex Arbogast/AP


Steve Sax said...

Wait, if I go on that cruise, I "...will have potentially the opportunity to have dinner with Rick Dempsey himself"? You're telling me I can potentially have the opportunity?

Can't I potentially have the opportunity just by sitting on my ass at home?

Josh S. said...

Yay Monstro!

I spent some of my lunch placing All-Star votes. Since I never give a crap about the AL side, I loaded up the lineup with former Dodgers:
Konerko 1B
Hudson 2B
C. Izturis SS
Beltre 3B
Navarro C
Drew, Bradley, Pierre OF

Andruw was the only former Dodger choice at DH, but I just couldn't vote for him. I went with Griffey instead.

Kyle Baker said...

No vote for Alex Cora?

MeanieBreanie said...

Forget Rick, bring on Patrick Dempsey! The sad truth is most likely that cruise will have plenty of availability. Put Patrick on board and it will sell out quickly with those who would be content to "potentially have the opportunity" just to have him in sight.

Josh S. said...

AL, Dusty. AL!

One more thing re: All-Star Voting. Why are we only allowed to vote for an AL DH when both leagues will be using one?

Shenanigans! (Where's my broom?)

MR.F said...

I remember the Masculinists club had some procedure when somebody yelled out "Shenanigans" but I can't remember what it is.

Fred's Brim said...

Remember when the Cubs used to play day games? Me neither.

Josh S. said...

Tomorrow, FB!

Fred's Brim said...

that doesn't count - it's getaway day

Kyle Baker said...

*Must stop skimming threads in meetings*