Sunday, May 23, 2010

SoSG Glossary: FJL (Free James Loney)

Continuing our series of SoSG Glossary entries, here's SoSG regular rbnlaw (now, ironically enough, named "Free rbnlaw") with a glossary entry for FJL:

FJL, or Free James Loney: Term used as a shorthand reference to Dodger 1st baseman, James Loney. The phrase, Free James Loney, refers to the campaign started by the Sons during the 2007 season when perennial fan favorite, and Whittier native, Nomar (No-mah) Garciaparra was the Dodgers' starting first baseman. As an aside, Nomar was named after his father, Ramon, only backwards.

Tired of seeing Nomar continually pop-up, strike out, and GIDP in clutch situations, The Sons began the movement to Free James Loney from his dugout confines. It was hoped that the kid from Houston, Texas would connect his flashes of brilliance seen in spot starts to a significant run as the Dodgers' every-day man at the first base bag. Unfortunately, Nomar would find ways to make himself useful between bouts on the 15-day DL, and thus delay Loney's moment to shine. Not to be deterred, the Sons used their massive Internet presence to pressure Dodger brass into the only logical decision.

When the oft-hobbled Nomar could no longer answer the bell at first, the Dodgers were left with no choice but to make him a modern day Wally Pipp; replacing him with James Loney. Loney would go on to post a .331/.338/.538 line in 2007, and, best of all, hit a series-changing grand slam at Wrigley Field in the 2008 NLDS; totally justifying the Sons' "Free James Loney" campaign.

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Kyle Baker said...

Free at last, free at last! Thank Joe Almighty he's free at last!

Kyle Baker said...

Out for awhile. Can't wait til sweep...I mean game time.

My day in Dead set-speak:

Coffee>Shrek4>Bloodys>Dodgers/Lakers>dinner w in-laws>Lost finale

Kyle Baker said...

Per TBLA's note from yesterday:

"To create room on the roster for Furcal, an infielder will have to go. The obvious move is to designate Nick Green for assignment, but Torre noted the club has two choices: Green, or optioning Blake DeWitt. When asked if it would be tough to send down the club's opening day second baseman, Torre said, "It's always tough to be sent down," but also said a decision has not yet been made."

It galls me that it is remotely being considered that DeWitt be optioned. WT living F?

Paul said...

Don't Deport Dewitt!!!

rbnlaw said...

Free Blake DeWitt!!

That rbnlaw guy has a way with words.
I like him.